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With the longest history, Guangzhou International Documentary FilmFestival, China (hereinafter referred to as GZDOC) has become the sole nationaldocumentary festival with financing and trading function in China. Establishedin 2003, GZDOC is hosted by State Administration of Press and Publication,Radio, Film and Television (SGAPPRFT) and the People’s Government of GuangdongProvince, organized by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality,Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, film and Television of GuangdongProvince, executed by Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio,Film and Television of Guangzhou Municipality, co-organized by Guangdong Radioand Television Station and operated by Global Raytur International PublicCommunication Organization.

After 13 years of development, GZDOC has grown from an academicseminar with only 147 entries from around 10 countries, to one of the mostinfluential professional documentary film festival in the world, receiving 4059entries from 111 countries and regions with the support of the government. Notonly from the number of entries and coverage of the countries, GZDOC ranks No.1in Asia, but also is the largest professional documentary festival in Asia aswell as one of the eight major professional documentary festivals. It hasestablished friendly relationship with nearly 30 international renowned filmfestivals and industry organizations. It has become an important force for thepromotion of Chinese documentary films to the world, an important window foroutstanding documentaries at home and abroad, a platform for exchange andcooperation in the documentary industry, and an important part of the chain ofthe international documentary industry.

This year, more than 100 influential documentaries broadcastingmedia, production and distribution organizations from China and abroad gathertogether, such as Discovery, BBC, KBS, NHK and so on. The leading figures ofthe documentary industry over the world and more than 1000 internationalbuyers, producers and directors from Oscar, Emmy, Sundance have a brainstorm inthe forum, exchanging and discussing the prospect and trend of internationaldocumentaries in a global perspective. In the future, GZDOC will be graduallyshaped into a world renowned “Davos Forum” of international documentary.

In order to actively carry out the speech spirit of GeneralSecretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping, "Good Chinesestories spread the voice of China," GZDOC endeavors to create "ChinaStory" international pitch conference. Through the integration ofinternational creative power, attracting global investment, spreading on theinternational platform, the goal “China story spreads globally" can berealized in aspects of creation, investment and broadcast. Meanwhile, it willpromote the sharing of resources in all aspects of domestic and internationaldocumentaries. This will enhance the influence of Chinese culture around theworld through documentaries.

GZDOC has strived to how to make documentary festival more"down-to-earth" and to benefit more people in recent years. Thisyear, GZDOC organized the largest scale documentary screenings - 2016"Golden Kapok Screening." in 12 cinemas, 5 arts spaces and a numberof universities, with 60 films and 150 screening times. With 13 years ofexploring and brand accumulation and beyond race, thousands of masterpiecesrecording the era have contributed to making GZDOC a palace of artisticexchange, recording the footprint and direction of the world changes. Guangzhouwill view the documentary festival as the starting point, to create the Asiandocumentary industry development center, so that Guangzhou will become"the city of documentary" and create never ending documentaryfestival.