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Rules on Competition

DocShop Rules& Regulations

2018 Guangzhou International DocumentaryFilm Festival

Rules on Screening

The Rules specified hereunder apply to all films applying for Screeningsof Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (“GZDOC”).

Article 1.  Application Conditions

1.      Onlyfinished documentary films are acceptable. Those in the investigation, shootingor postproduction phases will be refused.

2.      Entriesare free from theme restrictions. 

3.      Therewill be no ceiling for the number of entries.

4.      Documentaryfilms can apply for competition, screening and DOC Shop at the same time.

5.      Entryapplication is free from registration fee.

6.      Noentry shall be found with pornography, violence and/or racial discriminationelements; nor shall they conflict with the laws and regulations of the People’sRepublic of China.

Article 2.  Procedures and Application Standards

Screening sectors mainly include screening on cinemas, universities, artspace and international premiere. GZDOC will choose and invite entries toparticipate in sectors above. The application system will be open for a longtime. All films will be chosen by Organizing Committee (the “OC”) with thefollowing standards for screenings.

1. Screening application deadline: October 10, 2018 (online GZDOC Film Entry Form shall be completed before the date); demos andother necessary materials shall be RECEIVED through MAIL to the OC by October15, 2018.

2. Films in line with the followingstandards are qualified for cinema screenings;

  (1) Films shall be produced no earlier thanNovember 1, 2017 except for themed screenings;

  (2) Film length shall be more than 70mins:

  (3) Screening format:


     Video Coding Format: JPEG2000 Interop

     Video Bitrate: 70-100Mbps (reference)

     Frames: 24FPS

     Resolution: 2560x1440 (more than 2k)

     Screen Ratio: 1.85:1 or 2.39:1 (reference)

     Color Space: XYZ (G=2.6)

Audio Format: 5.1PCM, 48kHz, 24Bit

     File Format: OV

     Hard Disk Format: High Transmission Rate



Video Coding Format: H.264

     Video Bitrate: 25-100Mbps (reference)

     Frames: 24FPS

     Resolution: 2560x1440 (more than 2k)

     Screen Ratio: 1.85:1 or 2.39:1

     Audio Bit Stream: 1500kbps (reference)

     Audio Channel: 2 (stereo)

     Audio Sampling Rate: 48k Hz

     Hard Disk Format: High Transmission Rate

3. Films in line with the followingstandards are qualified for university and art space screenings;

  (1) Films shall be produced no earlier thanNovember 1, 2017 except for themed screenings;

  (2) Film length shall be more than 30mins:

  (3) Screeningformat

Format: MOV/MP4/AVI

Video Coding Format: H.264

Video Bitrate: 25-50Mbps(reference)

Frames: 24FPS

Resolution: more than1080p

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Audio Bitrate: 500kbps(reference)

Audio Channel: 2(stereo)

Audio Sampling Rate: 48kHz


4. Films in line with the followingstandards are qualified for international premiere;

  (1) Films produced no earlier than June 1,2018;

  (2) Films have not been released or will bereleased after November 1, 2018;

  (3) Film length shall be no less than 70minutes;

  (4) Screening format: DCP or HD MOV/MP4/AVI(reference standards of cinema screenings)

5. Subtitle:

Forfilms that ONLY contain dialogues in Mandarin, subtitle is not required (provision of subtitle in English is subject tofurther notice);

Forfilms that with dialogues in minority languages or dialects, the complete Chinese subtitle shall be embedded (provision of subtitle inEnglish is subject to further notice);

Forfilms that with non-Mandarin dialogues (including English), the complete English subtitle shall be embedded.

TheOC takes full charge of English subtitle translation for screening andoperation of title generator.

TheOC is entitled to reject unqualified films.


Article 3.  Application Process

All applicants shall go through thefollowing steps:

1. Fully complete the online EntryForm and select competition, screening or DOC shop.

2. Uploading the followingmaterials:

   (1) Filmstills and posters (1-3): in JPG format (pixel no less than 300 dpi; noless than 1Mb);

   (2) Subtitle script or subtitle file (Forfilms in non-Mandarin dialogues).

 Requirements for subtitle script:word or txt format.

Requirements for subtitle file:SRT or ASS format.

3. Sending the followingmaterials through mail:

   (1) Film in MP4 format, 720p or 1080p, code rate: 2000kbps-5000kbps. English subtitlesshall be embedded for films that contain non-Mandarin dialogues (applicationmaterials shall can be demo that no need to meet the screening requirement,more materials shall be provided once the film is qualified);

   (2) Trailer (less than 3 minutes) in MP4 / MOV format, 720p or 1080p, code rate: 2000kbps-5000kbps.English subtitles shall be embedded for films that contain non-Mandarindialogues;

TipsMaterialscopies in USB/DVD can be sent to the OC through mail (please along the mailwith film title and contact information);

Address:Room 3303, No.76, West Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, GuangdongProvince, China.

Contacts:Ding Zhizhao


Zipcode: 510627


Or materials can beuploaded online, and please share the download link and password to along with film title and contact information

4. The application is completeonce the applicant receives the notification e-mail from the OC, otherwise, theapplication process is not finished due to incomplete submission materials,film arrival failure or download failure.

5. Waiting for further notice fromthe OC.

6. The OC may contact the applicantfor additional materials if necessary.

7. Please be noted that applicationwith insufficient materials is null.

Article 4.  Material Delivery

1. All application materialsrequired (film, trailer) shall be sent to the address shown below beforedeadline:

Room 3303,No.76, West Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,China.Contacts: Ding Zhizhao

Tel: 86-020-38780150-806
Zip Code: 510627

2. If by means of internationaldelivery, please ensure that the parcel is marked “For Cultural Purpose Only”and “No Commercial Value”.

3. The applicant must ensure thatall deliveries are prepaid and customs levies are settled, otherwise the OC hasthe right to reject. Personal delivery is acceptable (please contact theGeneral Office in prior for business hours).

4. All application materials willbe kept by the OC for archiving. Please ensure that you have backups. 

5. Please be noted that the OC willnot bear the costs for mail or insurance of the application materials, nor willassume any responsibility for the loss, damage of the materials during theprocess of delivery or the loss, error or damage of the materials attributableto force majeure. 


Article 5.  Notes

If your film is in theshortlist of screening:

1. Complete materials(stills, photos of directors, subtitles etc.) of the shortlisted films shall besent via email to the OC General Office before October 15, 2018.

2. Copies of filmsqualified for cinema screenings shall be sent to the OC General Office beforeNovember 15, 2018 in line with the instruction attached to the OC notificationemail.

3. Requirements forcopies of qualified films:

Forfilms ONLY with Mandarin dialogues,English subtitle shall be embedded; for a film with its dialogues in Chineseminority languages or dialects, the Chinese and English subtitle shall beembedded as well;

Forfilms with English dialogues,the complete English dialogue text is required.

Forfilms with non-English and non-Mandarin dialogues, copies must be embedded with English subtitle and complete English dialoguetext is required.

TheOC takes full charge of English subtitle translation and operation of titlegenerator.

4. Copies of films qualified forcinema screenings shall be sent to the OC in digital form in line with cinemascreening standards.

5. The OC will bear the costs suchas mail, customs and insurance of the copies, and will pay for the loss or damage of the copies during the process of their delivery to and offGuangzhou according to their costs. 

6. Once officially accepting theinvitation from the OC, applicants shall not withdraw the qualified film for anyreason. The OC guarantees to sign authorization letter with all screening filmsand strictly abide by the authorization letter.

7. Invited overseas applicantsshall mail their films via Fedex if they need to reimburse their mail expense(OC Fedex Account: 710865469).

8. Please noted that film title andformat (DCP or 35mm), mail date and method and bill number shall be sent to theOC via email after mailing the copy.

9. After the screening, the OC willmail the copy back to the address designated by the applicant within two weeks.


Article 6.  Statements

1. Copyright Statement

(1) Applicant (or applyinginstitution) shall possess the copyright or distribution right of the filmsubmitted, and shall ensure that there is no dispute over copyright of thefilm, and shall ensure that he/she has obtained the copyrights of or theauthorization of the copyright owner(s) to use the music, video image and textscontained/used in the film. Any dispute arose out of or related to thecopyright of the film shall be borne by the applicant (or applyinginstitution).

(2)The OC isentitled to use no more than three minutes of serial images of each filmfor promotion purposes through TV, cinema, video network or other media.

(3) The OC is entitled to use theapplication materials, stills, posters and tailors of each film to promoteGZDOC through presswork, promotional video, cinema, TV, Internet, mobile TV,public areas etc.

(4) The OC is entitled to duplicateeach film exclusive for archiving other than any commercial purpose.


2. Statement of Interests

(1)   Allapplicants shall strictly abide by the Rules on Finished Documentary Film of2018 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.

(2)   GZDOCshall assume no responsibility for any consequences arose out of or related toany error in submission of materials and/or completion of forms.

(3) If the Rules are modified, wewill post an announcement on our website. The applicant can withdraw from theevent if he/she thinks the modified clauses are unacceptable by notifying theOC within 10 working days after the announcement is posted. Otherwise, we willdeem that the applicant accepts the modified clauses.

(4) Any application for the GoldenKapok Awards, Golden Kapok Gallery and DOC Shop to be held by GZDOC shall beconstrued as agreement to the above provisions and rules. Any dispute hereofshall be subject to the independent jurisdiction of the judicial authorities ofthe People’s Republic of China. 

(5) The OC reserves all rights tofinal explanation of the Rules.

(6) The OC reserves all rights tofinal explanation of all activities.



General Office of the OrganizingCommittee of Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival

March 15, 2018




Head of Screening Department: Mr.Zhong Kang

MP: 86-18898698507

Tel: 86-020-3870150-810