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2017 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China 

The Golden Kapok Screening Schedule

    1. Screening number:

                -100 documentaries, 200 showings.

    2. Screening period:

                -9 to 17 December, 2017

    3. Screening venue:

                -12 cinemas, 10 art spaces. 

                 (Detailed information of the venues will be published soon.)

This year we have categorized all the screening films into the followng eight units that cover various aspects of documentary films:

(1) Main Competition unit

This unit compiles some of the films that stood out from all 4,239 entries this year after two rounds of assessments conducted by the professional jury.

(2) Highlights unit

The most trendy and newest awarded documentaries will be included in this unit.

(3) Tribute unit

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Jean Rouch, universally-acclaimed French filmmaker. His entire career life was decorated with numerous awards and honors. This unit is speccially established to salute him with films he produced and films about him.

(4) Premiere unit

With its increasing international influence in the documentary industry, more and more directors choose to premiere their works at GZDOC. In this unit, you will be fortunate enough to watch some of the films that are never watched by others.

(5) Global Insight unit

Films in this unit will allow you to take a step further to “spy upon” the intricating stories happened in various countries.

(6) International Issues unit

This unit focuses on the films that talk about issues that became trendy on the global stage. This year, we will shed light on “Pan-European Refugee.”

(7) Record·Movie unit

Have you ever be curious about what’s behind the curtain of movie making? Then this unit would be your best fit as all of them are about movie production.

(8) Outdoor Image unit

This year’s special unit will bring you outdoors to see the mesmerizing views of all kinds of spots worldwide without literally travelling.

【More details are coming up soon...