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>>Project Application Instruction<<

2018 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China

Rules on DocuMart Pitch

These rules apply to all projects for GZDOC 2018.

GZDOC is now calling for worldwide documentary projects. With the support of People’s government of Guangdong Province and the documentary market, the pitching session of the festival aims to discovery and support high-quality documentaries with market potential. GOZDOC will introduce more qualified projects to broadcasters, New Media, and production teams from home and abroad, so as to encourage financing, commissions and co-productions of documentaries.




1)       Projects should be in development (research, pre-production or production), completed films will NOT be accepted.

2)       Projects should be looking for funding, co-production, distribution, pre-sales, etc.

3)       No registriction on the number of projects submitted.

4)       No registriction on application countries/districts.

5)       No application fee

6)       All entries should NOT contain any content with pornographic, violence, racism and controversial topics that are hostile to the Chinese government or that will lead to dispute. GZDOC reserves all rights of selection.




Pitching session aims at discovering the most potential projects and support the high-quality documentaries. Documentaries on all themes are welcome.

Please read the below requirements for different categories. Projects can apply for the following categories according to the expected length of the productions.


I. Documentary Series

Entries Targets: Documentary Series with high quality, 

Length:Chinese TV series broadcast format of 26-52 minutes/episode,minimum of 2 episodes


II. New Media Special

Entries Targets: Documentary IP that is suitable for New Media.

Length: No limit


III.Documentary Films Special

Entries Targets: Documentary features that are suitable for international markets

Length: More than 70 minutes.



Funding Opportunities

1) Financial bonus from sponsors

2) Financial support from Golden Kapok Fund

3) Co-production with Chinese broadcast platform

4) Promotion to international film festivals (IDFA, Hot Docs, CCDF, etc)



Submission Guideline

Step 1: Online Application >>Click Here<<

(Including  synopsis, proposer profile, shooting schedule, financial plan, team profile, etc)

Step 2: Send application materials via email.

Please send the following materials to project@gzdoc.cn along with contact information.

1)      Trailer format: MOV, H264, 1080P

   Length: less than 3 minutes

   Please upload the video online (download link& password provided)     

2)      2 Stills of the project: at least 300 dpi, JPG format, no less than 1MB

All materials submitted should be in both Chinese and English



Submission Deadline

20th September, 2018, 24:00 China Standard Time

All projects should complete the application process and submit all required application materials before this time.




1) Projects Calling: 20th March, 2018 - 20th September, 2018

2) Domestic promotion: June and September, 2018

3) Initial Selection: 20th October, 2018

4) Review Selection and Notification: mid-November, 2018

    Selected applications need to provide required information and register for attending the pitching session.

5) Festival Pitch: 10th-13rd December, 2018




I.                   Copyright Statement

1)     Applicant (or applying institution) shall possess the copyright or distribution right of the film submitted by him/her, and shall ensure that there is no dispute over copyright of the film, and the copyrights/authorization of the copyright owner(s) to use the music, video image and texts contained/used in the film are obtained. Any dispute arose out of or in relation to the copyright of the film shall be borne by the applicant (or applying institution).


2)     The Organizing Committee of GZDOC (OC) is entitled to use the application materials, stills, posters and trailers of each film to promote GZDOC through presswork, promotional video, cinema, TV, Internet,mobile TV and public areas.


3) The OC is entitled to duplicate each film exclusive for only archiving other than any commercial purpose.


II.                Statement of Interests


1)   1)    All applicants shall strictly abide by the Rules on Documentary Film Projects of 2017 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival


2)     GZDOC shall assume no responsibility for any consequences arose out of or in relation to any error in submission of materials and/or completion of forms.


3)    If the Rules are modified, we will post an announcement on our website. The applicant can withdraw from the event if he/she thinks the modified clauses are unacceptable by notifying the OC within 10 working days after the announcement is posted. Otherwise, we will deem that the applicant accepts all the modified clauses.


4)    All applications for the Documentary Film Projects of 2017 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival shall agree to the terms and rules above. Any dispute hereof shall be subject to the independent jurisdiction of the judicial authorities of the People’s Republic of China.


5) The OC reserves all rights to final explanation of the Rules.


6) The OC reserves all rights to final explanation of all activities.



MS. Zhu Jiayi

+86 20 3878 0150-807