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Since 2014, the ‘Golden Kapok Screening’ that GZDOC established has been one of the most signature screening events in China. In the past 4 years, hundreds of outstanding documentaries representing more than 30 countries were presented in the Golden Kapok Screening events, which were held in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen, etc. To date, GZDOC has scheduled 1793 screening events and presented 316 documentaries to the Chinese audiences, with audience numbers reaching an estimated 500,000. The Golden Kapok Screening now organizes Charity Screening,Campus Screening, and Festival Screening throughout the year. Screenings venues include Guangzhou Library, Foshan Pingzhou Theatre, Guangzhou CGV Cinema, UA Cinema, Palace Cinema, Guangzhou Opera House, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, local art galleries, etc.

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China's Van Goghs Press Screening at Guangzhou Opera House, 2017


Charity Screenings at Guangzhou Library, every Sunday

Masters in The Forbidden City Screening at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, GZ, 2016