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This constitution is applicable to the Competition, Screening, Forums,Market Trading and Investment & Financing of documentary projects atGuangzhou International Documentary Festival, China, 2016. (hereinafterreferred to as GZDOC 2016)


     Introduction of GZDOC

Established in2003, GZDOC is hosted by State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio,Film and Television (SGAPPRFT) and the People’s Government of GuangdongProvince, operated by Global Raytur International Public CommunicationOrganization. After 13 years of development, GZDOC has grown from an academicseminar with only over 100 entries from 14 countries, to one of the mostinfluential professional documentary film festival in the world, receiving 4059entries from 111 countries and regions, and has established friendlypartnership with world’s renowned international documentary festivals, andmerged into the system of global documenatary market gradually.

GZDOC 2016 willbe held in Dec in Guangzhou, China. As one of the sole state-level documenarayyearly feast, it will attract over 200 buyers, over 900 influential decisionmakers from documentary broadcasters, production organizations, distributors,and producers to gather in Guangzhou. The festival agenda will include GoldenKapok Award Competition, Public Screening, Master Class and training course,professional forums, presentation meetings of Documentary Projects, pressrelease, opening ceremony, award-presenting ceremony, and all kinds of themeevents organized by the General Consulate of each countries in Guangzhou anddomestic media.

Main Events Headlines of GZDOC 2016

1. Golden Kapok Award Competition

GZDOC is calling for entries from global documentaryproduction houses, broadcasters, distributors, independent producers and peoplefrom all circles to collect the documentary feature films, short documentaries,and documentary series which could reflect the historical culture, social &current affairs, ecology& environment, science & technology,culture& art, and will invite the domestic and global experts fromdocumentary industry, renowned directors and producers to constitute the internationalJury, who will make initial selection, and 2nd round of selection,and final rounds of selection of all the submitted films, and finally select 12excellent films as the Golden Kapok Award Finalists. The final goal of GoldenKapok Competition is to pay respects to the excellent global professionalsworking on documentaries and also to their creations, to encourage the growingdomestic production organization and individuals, and to propel thecommunication and fusion of international documentary culture and art.

2. Documentary Public Screening

GZDOC 2016 will build up a cultural gala for the citizensto share and experience the charm and art of international documentaries. Theorganizing committee will select a batch of excellent documentaries to join thepublic screening programs scheduled during the festival period, meanwhile,screening of excellent international films will be held at different regions ofChina, including Guangzhou public theatres, around 200 university nationwide,communities and art spaces of Guangzhou, and television stations and new mediaplatforms, etc. Documentaries Directors or Producers will be invited toGuangzhou to share their production experience with the audience.



DOCUMART is comprised of the international documentarypitch training which merged with the market regulations and practical pitchimitation, pitch, one-on-one meeting with decision-makers, DocShop, documentarycopyright trading, documentary investment & financing projects, masterclasses, launching ceremonies, and other professional market events.

(1)Documentary Pitch

Since 2004, GZDOC has initiated the project pitch training and tradingmode in China for the best documentaries projects with most international salespotential, for the past 11 years, it has fostered and supported numbers of risingnew directors who are gradually getting fame on domestic and global stage.According to the uncompleted statistics, over 80 domestic documentary projectsmanaged to get international co-production financing or recommendationopportunities through the platform of GZDOC. After the completion of projectentry in Sep, we will invite the mentors with international co-productionexperience to give a preliminary training guidance and selection. At last, alltogether there will be 8 projects of “China stories” and 16 projects with mostinternational sales potential, to enter into the final pitching of GZDOC 2016.

(2)One-on-One Meeting with Decision Makers

This year, GZDOC is planning to invite President or Headof domestic and international renowned Television Stations, directors fromDocumentary Channel or Column, project manager from international co-productionproject, decision makers from film and multi-media industry, and productionhouse to attend the festival. Each project pitcher or festival attendants willget an equivalent chance to meet with the decision makers face-to-face, topresent and introduce their projects for feedbacks or acquisition plans,through either on-line appointment or on-site appointment and match as usual.GZDOC will reveal the acquisition plan and cooperation intention ahead of timeso that the pitcher and attendants could make appointments with the rightdecision-makers.

(3)Copyright Trading of DocShop

GZDOC will gradually improve and perfect the presentationand trading function of documentary films, and set up documentary film databaseaccording to different genres, and add the films into the DocShop VOD system,to rich the trading contents which could be searched, and provide more valuableinformation and resource for copyright and broadcasting right trading. Toprovide a more professional and overall copyright trading service, and build upthe central platform of Chinese documentary trading, is our ultimate goal.

4. Global Summit Forum

GZDOC 2016 will put forth efforts on inviting theauthoritative and representatives from professional organizations globally, toreview the developing trend of documentary industry domestically and abroad thisyear with a professional and internationalized vision, summarize the coreachievements of the industry, and provide the industry forecast report  and other information including analysis andguidance towards policies issued by the government, etc, in order to build upits authoritative image in terms of professional release.


5. China Documentary Press Release

GZDOC 2016 will invite the decision makers from domesticdocumentary channels, video website, production houses and distributionorganizations to attend the DocuMart events. They will exchange ideas in termsof their development strategy, documentary related events, demanding plan interms of co-production, etc, to take ahead the relative theme press release andforums.


       6. Master Classes/Workshops

       In order to promote the international co-production and enhance theproduction skills of domestic documentaries, so that it could be merged intothe international documentary system, the General Office of the OrganizingCommittee of GZDOC will organize multiple international documentary trainingworkshop by steps, and invite the masters from documentary industry of theworld, to share their successful international co-production experience withthe trainees. Meanwhile, GZDOC will hold the pitch training program for thepitchers whose projects will get pitched during the festival, and also willinvite award-winning directors or mentors to offer master classes during thefestival period.

       7. Public Activities of the Festival

       Besides the above professional events, GZDOC 2016 will hold variouscultural exchange events, such as GZDOC 2016 Launching Ceremony and ClosingCeremony, Public Screening Premiere Ceremony, Theme Luncheon and CocktailReception sponsored by each countries, Guangdong Day, Theme release of eachdocumentary broadcasters, Guangzhou Night, and all kinds of social networks, etc.

       Submission Guidance of Competition,Screening, Pitching, and DocShop

If you have interest to submit your films for Competition, Screening,Pitching or Copyright trading at DocShop, pls log on the official website ofGZDOC (, and fill inthe on-line forms and submit relative materials after perusal of all thesubmission detailed rules. Pls make sure to verify and double check theinformation that you are going to submit, once it’s published, it cannot bechanged at random.


 About the Copyright of the submittedfilms

The applicants who submit the films for Competition, Screening, Pitchingand copyright trading, must be sure that they own the thorough copyright of thefilm and the film are shoot by themselves. If the film was co-produced, thecooperative parties and directors could submit with the joined names. Meanwhile,they need to make sure that they have got the copyright of all the music,trailers, videos and creative footages, or has been licensed and authorized bythe copyright owner. Any legal responsibilities which might be caused bycopyright problems shall be borne by the persons who submit the films, insteadof the organizing committee. If the submitted films have any copyright dispute,the organizing committee will reserve the right to cancel the competitionqualification of the film, including recalling any award or prize presentedbefore.

     Authorization for editing right ofsubmitted films

For all the films submitted for Competition, Screening,Pitching and copyright trading, the organizing committee is entitled to edit ano-more-than 3mins trailer of the film, as part of the promotional materials ofGZDOC, to be utilized at the theatres, television stations, internet, MobileTV, public screenings, and interviews or promotional videos. The authorizationperiod of the edited clippings shall be 2 years by default. Authorization bythe copyright holder, the organizing committee of GZDOC is entitled to choosepartial of the excellent films to do the non-commercial off-line screeningactivities, for promotion purpose. Once the films and materials are submitted,it could be recognized as acceptance of all the above terms of thisConstitution.



       GZDOC 2016 will invite partial of the directors or producers whose filmsgot into the finalists of the competition, to attend the Opening Ceremony,Closing Ceremony and Meeting with Directors Screening events in Dec, 2016.GZDOC will be glad to cover the accommodation and offer free accreditation feefor the invited directors or producers. For each film there’ll be one directoror producer to be invited. If more than one director for the finalist film, theorganizing committee will cover the above relative cost of only one director,and the invitation shall not be forwarded to the 3rd party.Meanwhile, the organizing committee will invite the pitcher of all the 24projects running into the finalists to join the pitching, and provide the freeaccreditation for one member of each project. Also the Organizing Committeewill invite the decision makers from big organizations to join the pitching andone-on-one meeting with decision makers, to provide an internationalco-production and financing platform for the international documentary professionals.We will cover the accommodation, transportation and offer free accreditationfor the decision makers domestically and abroad.




If any legal dispute, the organizing committee willsubmit the lawsuit to the Court of Guangzhou Municipality of Guangdong Provinceof China for arbitration.


     The Final Explanation Right

The organizing committee of GZDOC 2016 is entitled toamend the Constitution including rules, terms, or other regulations related tothis Constitution, and shall reserve the final explanation right in terms ofthis Constitution.



The GeneralOffice of the Organizing Committee of GZDOC 2016

Apr, 2015