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Name:Michel Noll


Born in Cologne in Germany at 10 May 1949, Michel Noll lives inFrance since more than40 years. After reading Economics and Sociology atCologne University in Germany, he became a Producer/Director of televisionprograms when, in 1977, he joined TELECIP in Paris, then the leading Frenchindependent production company. In 1982, he launched REVCOM TELEVISION, thetelevision arm of French Publishing Group 'Editions Mondiales' which quicklybecame the most successful and international of French production companies,with subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom and Australia. In 1987 he launchedhis own production house QUARTIER LATIN. In 1995, he acquired ICTV adistribution company representing small French and international producers. Inhis production work, he directs and/or produces documentaries with a cuttingedge in contemporary History, and logic of Dialogue in int'l Affairs. Today,QUARTIER LATIN owns ICTV as well as the production company SOLFERINO. He hasproduced more than 30 films with corporate as well as independent partners inChina.