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Title:TV Producer & Director, Educational Broadcasting System
Name:Gune Hyoung
Country:South Korea


Gune was the first programmerof EBS International Doc Film Festival back to 2004. Working for documentaryproduction & international production for a long time. He studied film& TV production in America and has experience of TV production first. Forhim, China is another interesting and important place to work together in DOCproduction.

EBS Korea is public TV &radio network both cultural and educational needs. It has 1 terrestrial TV& two Satellite channels. Documentary production and children’s programsare major contents. Acquisitions have done many different parts of TV and filmcontents. The international co-productions are very challenging but became atrend now. The subject in between both beneficial fields is very welcome towork together. The number of international co-production cases is growingrapidly. EBS is now eager to join international co-productioncases as long as the subject is related both cultural or educational area ofChina and Korea.