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Title:Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Manager
Name:Jim Baker


As the World Tour Manager for the Banff Mountain Film Festival, JimBaker leads a team that organizes more than 1000 film screenings in 45countries annually, reaching a global audience of more than 500,000 people. Heldin the town of Banff in Canadian Rockies for the last 42 years, the BanffMountain Film and Book Festival presents the world’s best mountain and outdoorfilms. Now 9 days long, the festival showcases outstanding films, speakers, films,books, and photographs from around the world. From the international films thatare shown in Banff, the World Tour program shares a special selection atscreenings in about 550 different locations each year.

Jim has 15 years of experience at Banff Centre for Arts andCreativity, working with local and international partners to organize and presentthe World Tour screenings in countries as diverse as Italy, Australia, Uganda,Mexico, Japan, Chile, South Africa, China, and Iceland.  

With a passion for both outdoor adventures and cinema, Jim isgrateful for the chance to work in a beautiful mountain town while sharinginspiring films with audiences around the world.