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Title:Director, Illinois Public Media
Name:John Alex Lindsay


John AlexLindsay, director of Illinois Public Media, has produced or co-produced nearly300 hours public televisions in American prime time. He and his colleagues won62 of the most authoritative awards in the film and television industry,including 7 national Emmy awards, 3 Peabody awards and 2 DuPont awards.

Johnworked as vice president of domestic and international production in KETC (St.Louis Regional Public Media) He had worked as senior vice president anddirector of national production in Oregon Public Broadcasting Company (OPB)over 14 years. When working in OPB, he leads the company to produce the firstforeign documentary commissioned by CNN; he get the first documentarycommissioned by HBO for a public television station; he also made a continuousseries for TLC. He organized the series "Iraq's Guns for Hire" andthe first coproduction of ABC's series "Nighthne".

In addition,John worked in Towers Production Company (Chicago) and Carlton ProductionCompany (Princeton, New Jersey) as a producer. Early in his career, he servedas a senior producer in investigative reporting unit of WCCO in Minneapolis.