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Title:Deputy Managing Director, CCTV Documentary Channel
Name:Feng Xuesong


Feng Xuesong isDeputy Managing Director and Senior Editor of CCTV Documentary Channel, masterof Nankai University, Director of China Media Culture Promotion Association(CMCPA), member of China TV Artists Association (CTAA), guest professor at the PLA Nanjing Political College, part-time professor atHebei University and Journalism School of Fan Changjiang, researcher at MuqingResearch Center of Xinhua News Agency, and former section chief of CCTVcomprehensive office and former chief correspondent of Macao News Bureau.

At the end of1999, he started his search for war correspondent Fang Dazeng and filmed thedocumentary named Lookingfor Fang Dazeng. During the past 18 years, he went to Baoding,Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Datong and Lixian, searched historical materials,interviewed over 100 people, and then buffed it up through several drafts. Hecompiled the first monograph, FangDazeng: Disappearance and Reappearance to introduce Fang Dazeng, the firstperson who covered the scene of the "July 7Incident". Mr. Fang Hanqi, the academic in history of Chinese journalism,commented that this monograph made by Feng Xuesong has pushed Fang Dazeng, anoutstanding journalist and press photographer obliterated for more than eighty years,to the front of the historical stage and made his name known to the public,which made great contribution to the study of the history of Chinese journalismand the history of war news photography in China.

Representativeworks include Documentary, Looking forFang Dazeng; monograph, Fang Dazeng: Disappearanceand Reappearance; Fang Dazeng: Lostand Regained; and Interpretation ofFang Dazeng. He initiated the construction of Fang Dazeng Memorial Hall andlaunched the public welfare program of "Fang Dazeng Campus Tour", which raised extensive attention by the community. Themedia called him the person who caused "Fang Dazeng phenomenon".

In May 2015, theAll-China Journalists Association organized a forum on Feng Xuesong Tracing andWriting Fang Dazeng's Deeds and called on all the journalists in China to"cherish the memory of Fang Dazeng and learn from Feng Xuesong."

He won theSpecial Award of “Five One Project Award” issued by Central PropagandaDepartment of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Junma LiteraryAwards for Ethnic Minority Writers, China News Award, NationalPeople's Congress Good News Award, China TV Starlight Award, ChinaTV Golden Eagle Award, and Organizing Committee Special Award of "National Academy Award forJournalism and Communication" issued by the Chinese Association forHistory of Journalism and Communication (CAHJC).