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Title:Deputy General Manager, Docu China;Deputy Director of Documentary Channel, SMG
Name:Tang Jun


Tang Jun, a graduate of journalism andCommunication school,Fudan University and a doctor of Literature Degree, is qualified as the deputy general manager of Docu China and the deputy director of Docu TV. As aeditor-in-chief, hewas in charge of many famous brand column, like the“Documentary Edit-room”, “Archive”,“Things”,Depth, 105”, “1/7”. As the general producerand supervise,he led a team to present many remarkable documentary works, “Maritime Silk Road”, “A Report form Yan’an, China Communist Party of anti-JapaneseWar froma Western point of view”, “ the Flying Tigers”, “the Old-aged”, “the 72 hours, the ShoppingCarnival(11.11)is coming”, including the outstanding magnum opus as the producer, “Show You China, a 60-year foreign image”, “Take Charge of Shanghai”, “30 years, the folk memories”, “the female’s Long March”, receiving awards and praise.