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Title:Director of International Affairs, French National Audiovisual Institute
Name:Myriam Kryger


After starting her career as a project manager at the Office of theMinister of Economy, Finance and Industry (2000- 2002), Myriam Kryger was appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to become the director of Frenchcultural institutions in China, then in India (successively founder anddirector of the French Alliance of Nanking, then director of the Franco-IndianCultural Center in New Delhi). In 2007 and 2008, she was in charge ofcommunication and development for China at Paris EUROPLACE. Since 2012, she hasbeen a consultant in strategy, communication and recruitment in the culturaland artistic sector.

Deeply experienced in both International relations and communication,she took up her duties as the Director of Communication in January 2017 and wasthen nominated as Director of International Affairs in September at the French National Audiovisual Institute.