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Super Individuals Super Individuals
Proposal : Tang Jinglei
  • Introduction
  • Proposal Introduction

These characters involved in the series of the documentariesentitled' Super Individual' are no longer the traditional-styled craftsmen.Each of them possesses an unique technique applied to the extreme, whichimplements more focus on innovation and user experience while still keeping upwith the times. Theyhold firm to their aims and believe in fulfilling the tasks set up no matterwhat obstructs in the way. With strong determination and perseverance, theycontinue to upgrade their skills and craftsmanship in details, sparing noefforts to be perfect in their fields. It is not just their diligence and devotion but theirindividual, special, trendy as well as even a little bit bizarre or delicatepersonalities that have left us a deep impression. They will integrate themselves intotheir works from which their characteristics are reflected and symbolize theirtrue selves. Forthem, the essence of working lies in the meaning of improving theirinternality.

       'SuperIndividual' defines and interprets the contemporary spirits of craftsmen.