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Underage Astronauts Underage Astronauts
Proposal : Aleksandra Skowron and Hanna Polak
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What will happen if the group if typical 12-14 year old kids will go throughthe serious training for adult astronauts and will be in need to explore thesurface and living conditions on Mars? We'll show teenagers coping with eachother and group of scientists during the mission and before it. Kids from variouscountries (Poland, China, Germany, Canada) exploring how different and howsimilar they’re. During the same tasks and private conversations, exceptserious scientific goal we want to establish international portrait of thisgeneration at the certain age, when kids are changing the most physically andmentally. Documentary film and TV series will be made by local crews showinglocal kids developing in the project, with common, one week final mission in Poland.

This mission willtell us if we can sand teenage astronauts into space. Those manned,colonisation missions, with whole families included are already!