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Nest Nest
Proposal : Marina Qin
  • Introduction
  • Proposal Introduction
A young man, Junrui  Fang, who is interested in cultural relicrestoration couldn’t find an ideal job due to his social phobia and thecritical background requirements in this field. As time goes by, Fang grows ahabit of purchasing books of all kinds to comfort himself. Fang relies on hisparents and living in an old style flat in Shanghai with a homeless cat headopted. Fang’s father tries to use his own life stories to lead him to anormal life. This has led to huge family arguments. Religion, love, family, andambitions could have been his redemption, yet these are the exact things thatcause him suffering. In the process of exploring the meaning of life, Fang isstruggling to live a life of his own. After being a gatekeeper for a year, Fangstarts sending out resumes to look for a job in cultural relic again.