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Taste of Life with Martin Yan Taste of Life with Martin Yan
Proposal : Chew Li Pahn, Lee Yve Vonn
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This is adocumentary about Martin Yan, a household name among the Canadians andAmericans.

He is a chef,a cooking show TV host/ entertainer, a restauranteur, an author, a cooktrainer/ instructor and an influencer.

Originatedfrom Guangzhou, he began his culinary induction at 13 in Hong Kong. His life isattached to wok since then.   

With hiswittiness, he hosted over 1500 episodes of his debut TV show Yan Can Cook. Thanksto the TV show and more he hosted throughout the years, he is now also a populargastronomy icon to Asians.

At the age of 69, heis contented but would love to exchange Asian cuisines in Asian countries bytravelling with a food truck.