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The Longest One Second The Longest One Second
Proposal : Luo Guanhong, Liu Xin
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Would you still dareto dream when you're 89 years old? With an average of 89, 6 grandpa runners aredear to reach the unreachable star --- challenging the world record in theWorld Masters Athletics Championships. After a yearlong preparation, theycreated a new world record in 4X400m relay. Soon, they become the media darlingand Grandpa Idol. Their life is getting back to normal, but something differentis happening. As a lonely man who talks to his garden everyday, will GrandpaSun fall in love with the grandma he met in the stock investment workshop?Through Grandpa Li’s life, he failed to become the one he wants to become. Willhe fulfill his dream and become his grandson’s hero? Will veteran athletesGrandpa Su successfully push his limit in the next challenge?