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Tonglifornia Tonglifornia
Proposal : Xu Jinlong
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Tonglifornia(Tong Zhou), locatedin Southeastern part of Beijing, is a districtwithout coast line beach and palm tree like California. Somehow alternativemusic artists all over China gather here because of its lower housing rentstill close to the city center. Punk, Hiphop, Metal, Jazz all kinds of modernwestern music are created in their DIY recording, mixing still living room. Wetry to capture the story in this underground music base in China.

Multi-EGO is a post-hardcore band started in Tonzhou.They left hometown in their twenties. The guitarist runs a rehearsal room,bassist is a part-time actor, the singer earns his life as a uber driver…Noweight years past, the release date of their first album still remain unknown,their parents used to support them now facing health problem, marriage crisisemerge, arguments arise inside the band endlessly. Rock thirties, how tocontinue the unfinished road.