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Douce France Douce France
Proposal : Mateo Guez and ZedaXing
Country:France / Canada
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DOUCE FRANCE is a Gastronomy Documentary Seriesexploring the similarities between France and Chinese culinary heritage,tradition and customs. Chinese people believe eating food can bring harmony andcloseness in relationship. In comparison, French people believe enjoying foodis a social custom aimed at celebrating the most important moments in the livesof individuals, emphasizing concepts of togetherness and the pleasure of taste.The documentary (13 episodes of 52mn each), will take place in the 13 majorregions of France and is officially sponsored by the French Government. It willportray ordinary French and Chinese people’s life and their unique,extraordinary relation with food and nature. We will follow them in their dailyroutine embodying the tradition behind French/Chinese cuisine and they willshare with us their secrets and fascinating stories. In each episode,gastronomy experts from both France and China will be teamed up to providedeeper insight and culture comparison.