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  • Name:China's Van Goghs

    Director:Yu Haibo | Yu Tianqi

    Country:China | Netherlands


    Synopsis: The film tells the stories of peasant-turned painters who are carving out different paths for themselves after years of hand copying Western masterpieces, which are sold to high street retailers around the world. While Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime, these production-line painters have sold thousands of Van Goghs . But van Gogh represents more than just the livelihoods of these painter workers; his art, life and legend motivates them to fulfill their own dreams.

  • Name:Machines

    Director:Jain Rahul

    Country:Finland | Germany | India


    Synopsis: Director Rahul Jain presents an intimate,observantly portrayal ofthe rhythm of life and work in a gigantic textile factory in Gujarat, India. Since the 1960s the area of Sachin in westernIndia has undergone unprecedented, unregulated industrialization,exemplified inits numerous textile factories. MACHINES portraits only one of these factories,while at the same time representing the thousands of laborers working, livingand suffering in an environment they can’t escape without unity. 

  • Name:Inner Me

    Director:Spano Antonio



    Synopsis: Inner Me is a short documentary that intimately portrays thestruggles of 4 deaf women in the city of Butembo, in North Kivu, DR Congo, acountry defined by war. In Congo women’s voices are rarelyheard. Victims of a systemic rape culture, women often experience oppression,discrimination and abuse.

  • Name:Amazing China

    Director:Qi Zhuquan | Chen Hongbing | Yan Weiyi | Li Yang | Pan Min | Zhang Qing | Liu Na | Hou Zhenma | Zhou Yixiang | Zhang Yansheng | Wu Min | Jing Wen | Lv Xin



    Synopsis: This film reveals historic achievements made in China's economic and social development, following the paths of innovation,coordination, greenness, openness and sharing.

  • Name:Muhi - Generally Temporary

    Director:Rina Castelnuovo | Tamir Elterman

    Country:Israel | Germany


    Synopsis: Meet Muhi (Muhammad), a brave and spirited Palestinian boy, andhis devoted Muslim grandfather Abu Naim, who for the past seven years have beenliving in an Israeli hospital. Caught between two homes and two peoples, Muhi isunable to return to Gaza, and is saved and raised by those considered enemiesof his people. Muhi's story is a tug-of-war of pressures that challengeidentity, religion and the conflict that divides his world.

  • Name:Aerial China

    Director:Yu Le



    Synopsis: The film consists of six episodes, each presents a province respectively (Xinjiang, Hainan, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Shanghai). This film overlooks the earth of China from a new aerial view, and each episode tells the story of a province's topography, natural landscape, cultural history and its development and changes. 

  • Name:Post-00s

    Director:Zhang Tongdao



    Synopsis: Since 2006, the crew has spent 10 years on tracking twelve children, recording their lives from kindergarten to middle school. As Ten years have passed, time has changed their appearance, giving them independent thought and autonomous action. How will they break the confusion of youth? How will they choose their future life? This is the only documentary in China that records children growing for an extended period of time. 

  • Name:Speed Kills

    Director:Richard Slater-Jones | Julie King

    Country:China | USA | Africa


    Synopsis: The big events in nature often happen in the form of lightning strikes and we can not keep up with their beats simply by the naked eye. This series will use high-speed camera technology, approached those who kill prey with the fastest speed or those flee from the predator's hunt as well as revealing the animal living only by fast speeds. 

  • Name:The Long March

    Director:Yan Dong



    Synopsis: The eight episodes feature the historical background and process of the Long March with a panoramic perspective. It shows the inheritance and development of the spirit of the Long March, and accurately and concisely highlight the historic proposition, 'the long march will always be on the road'.

  • Name:Blindfold

    Director:Alexey Bogdanov


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:       Close your eyes ... forever ... And live in this state: learn, fall in love, use Internet, play football ... Hard to imagine? The hero of this film - striker of Russian national soccer team for totally blinded struggles every day for a place in modern society. His dreams: being with his girlfriend and take part in the Paralympic Games in Rio. But could he reach it? Being "blindfolded".

  • Name:The Fourth Kingdom

    Director:Alex Lora


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:        The Fourth Kingdom is the kingdom of plastics, a redemption center in NY for immigrants and underdogs where the American Dream becomes possible indeed.

  • Name:Jabalí

    Director:Xabier Irigibel Uriz

    Country:Costa Rica

    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:       Wild boar lives in the mountain and the mountain lives in Wild Boar. After each day of work, a simple man faces his darkness embracing her. There, stirring the entrails of that place that we alldeny, Boarí manages to rise embracing to the freedom.

  • Name:Winnie

    Director:Pascale Lamche

    Country:France | Poland

    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:      While her husband served a life sentence, paradoxically kept safe and morally uncontaminated, Winnie Mandela rode the raw violence of apartheid, fighting on the front line and underground. This is the untold story of the mysterious forces that combined to take her down, labeling him a saint, her, a sinner.       Winnie Madikizela Mandela is one of the most misunderstood and intriguingly powerful contemporary female political figures. Her rise and seeming fall from grace, bear the...

  • Name:A Family Affair

    Director:Fassaert Tom

    Country:Netherlands | Belgium

    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:      On his 30th birthday, Tom Fassaert receivesa mysterious invitation from his 95-year-old grandmother Marianne to come visither in South Africa. At that time, the only thing he knows about her are themyths and predominantly negative stories his father told him. She was a femme fatale who went through countless men, a famous model in the 1950s, and amother that put her two sons into a children’s home. Fassaert decides to accepther invitation. But when his grandmother makes an unexpected confession...

  • Name:Freelancer on the Front Lines

    Director:Santiago Bertolino


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:       Canadian freelance reporter Jesse Rosenfeld has made the Middle East the focus of his work, and to make a living he has to keep up with constantly moving news targets. Freelancer on the Front Lines follows his journey across the region, showing us thorny geopolitical realities shaped by the events transforming the Middle East and exploring how journalism practices have changed in the age of the Internet. 

  • Name:Snuggle

    Director: Huang Zhaobang

    Country:Hongkong, China

    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:       Does longevity bring happiness? Would it beunfilial if you wish the death for your father? Departure or continuous tosuffer, a hard choice to make?       SNUGGLE shows the value difference of ‘lifeand death’ between two generations. Someone wishes the death for his father because he cannot stand watching his father suffering from illness and loneliness; someone feels so stressed that she has to sacrifice her life to take care of her parents; someone happens to restore the relati...

  • Name:Smile

    Director:Fernando Pozo


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:       Raúl, a teenager with cerebral palsy shows his concerns and thoughts through a mime. Among them, David's life, a boy with autism who loves planes and is always carrying with leaflets.

  • Name:Two Worlds

    Director:Maciej Adamek


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:        In this inspiring family portrait,12-year-old Laura is our guide through life with her deaf parents, which isunusual, challenging and surprisingly ordinaries.

  • Name:Notes on Blindness

    Director:Peter Middleton, James Spinney


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:       In the summer of 1983, just days before the birth of his first son, writer and theologian John Hull went blind. In order to make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began keeping a diary on audio cassette. Upon their publication in 1990, Oliver Sacks described the workas 'the most extraordinary, precise, deep and beautiful account of blindness Ihave ever read. It is to my mind a masterpiece.' With exclusive access to theseoriginal recordings, NOTES ON BLINDNESS encompasses dreams, memor...

  • Name:This Is Life

    Director:Chen Weijun


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis: Everyday, there are so many dramatic scenes in the department of gynecology in Zhongnan hospital. As a husband with 5,000 RMB, he needs 50,000 RMB to save his wife and twin baby girls to be born, while there is no available way for fundraising. What should he do next? As the head of department, Li Jiafu, when his patient Xia Jinju is lying on operating-table and losing 20,000ml blood and has cardiac arrest twice, what choice should he make? Can he keep her uterus and bring her back to life? Li Shuangshuang, whose...

  • Name:Chinese Backbone Doctors

    Director:Han Jingyuan


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis: Beijing doctor Haiying Liu often pays out of his own pocket to help impoverished rachiterata patients who cannot afford the treatment. But this help cannot sustain for a long time. In autumn 2011, he established a foundation to solve the problem with the appreciation money given by patients whom he had treated and recovered and by their family members. In this way, the charity project leads him to a journey of no return. The film records with admiralty a special team of Chinese doctors under this social background...

  • Name:Into Tibet (Part Two)

    Director:Cheng Gong


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis: 2014 is the year of the horse in the Tibetan calendar and Shakyamuni Buddha’s year of his birth sign. According to Tibetan folklore, you may double your merits and virtues if you circumambulate Mount Kailash this year. Kailash is holy mountain commonly recognized in many religions. In the hearts of believers, that is the center of the world. The film is about the stories of five characters related to Mt Kailash: A young Living Buddha starts off his first long, difficult journey of his lifetime with his friends...

  • Name:Life and Death Migratory

    Director:Hu Xiaobing


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:This is a story about how to extend life at the expense of life. When the ice and snow melt each spring, all the Chinese naturopaths fish swim toward few small rivers around Dali Lake in droves to find the purest freshwater in order to spawn eggs, but the cost is often their own life. All their natural enemies, from a variety of migratory birds to foxes or badgers, are waiting for the this delicious food automatically delivered to their mouth. Another spring came, and the Chinese naturopaths fis...

  • Name:Son Son

    Director:Zhang Shen


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:One is her own son, the other her adopted son. One is her own flesh and blood, the other the murderer of her son. How can she dissolve the grief? How can she open her heart, accept and hug the son who killed her own son? What has she experienced and transcended “I choose to forgive and accept you not because I don’t love my son. On the contrary, I want to convey my love to you because of my love for him. The fact is, you are still alive and he passed away.” --Huang Pinxuan, the mother

  • Name:The Keriya

    Director:Ji Lin , Shen Pengfei

    Country:China| Japan

    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis: There is an isolated oasis in the heart of Taklimakan Desert where there live the mysterious Keriya people. The film tells survival stories of residents there to show these people’s touching and lonely attachment to their beloved home. The Keriya people have been living in this "Sea of Death" for over 400 years. The camera vividly captured their unique customs and history, life and death and also pain and joy. This documentary represents the Keriya people's deep love toward this land when facing the increased po...

  • Name:Still Tomorrow

    Director:Fan Jian


    Award:Finalist of Golden Kapok Award Competition

    Synopsis:YU Xiuhua is a village woman with cerebral palsy. She became China’s most well-known poet in 2015. 20 years ago, her mother married her off to a stranger. This marriage has become the biggest pain in her life. Through her poems, she contemplates her fate, and writes about her body, desire for true love. With the popularity of her poems has come fame and financial independence. Yu Xiuhua wants the divorce for freedom in love and in marriage. But will she get