A Record of 80 Days in Jinyintan Hospital

Director: Tan Haiyan/
Producer:Hubei Radio and Television Group
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan at the beginning of 2020,Jinyintan Hospital had become the eye of the storm, the nationwide focus and the forefront of treatment overnight. With the resolution of recording the truths and the courageous of confronting deaths, the documentary film crew of Hubei TV stationed in the Red Zone of Jinyintan hospital for 3 months and created this film. Centering on Jinyintan Hospital per se, the film depicted the glimmer of humanity and rebirth of the city, as recording stories of five patients and the people related to them. This documentary is neither a paean nor a wail, but the reverberationof painful lesson and the reflection on eternal impermanence.
Film Creator
Tan Haiyan, the chief director, is the chief planner and senior director of Hubei TV station, she is honored as “The Outstanding individuals in the national combat to COVID-19” in 2020.++Tan’s representative work are as follows: The 10-episodes documentary Blooming Flowers: Memory of Hubei Culture In 60 Years, TV program Silver New Information and etc. The short film Holding On, in which Tan worked as the producer won four nominations in the International Short Film Section of Toronto Film Festival and was nominated for the best short film in Nordic Film Festival.
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