Tough Out

Director: Xu Huijing/
Producer:Beijing iQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd / Beijing Yuanzhen Culture Co., Ltd. / Guangzhou Imagine Media Co., Ltd. / Power Baseball United Culture Development Co,. Ltd. / Beijing Medoc Film Co.,Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
In the suburbs of Beijing, a group of troubled teenagers learns to play baseball under a 70-year-old man’s coaching, while struggling through their internal conflicts and the inability to play baseball games like pros. When an accident took place in the winter of 2017, countless local residents got evacuated in Beijing, the baseball team as well as their playfield were facing the unexpected obstacle- the relocation of their headquarter. With the World Series of the Little Pony League waiting around the corner, the whole team will have to pull themselves together and face the competition on the international stage.
Film Creator
Xu Huijing, born in Shanxi, China, once worked in the TV department of Southern Weekly and Phoenix Chinese Channel. During more than 10 years of documentary creation, his works have won the Special Jury Award of the 20th Sheffield International Documentary Festival and the Special Jury Award of the 50th Chicago International Film Festival, and got selected in several domestic and foreign film festivals, such as the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.
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