Director: Zhang Hua/
Producer:Hangzhou Fresh & Fun Film Media Co., Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
Lao Li, an ordinary worker in Beijing. After his retirement, he bade farewell to his children and went to a village in Hebei province, lived alone in a dilapidated old house, blending into rural life. 25 years have passed, Lao Li is older, his children persuaded him to return to Beijing, the old house was also about to be sold. The deadline is coming, he is not willing to leave, because of a hidden commitment in the bottom of his heart.
Film Creator
Zhang Hua was born in a mountain village in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province in 1970. After graduating from junior high school, she went out to work. By chance, she became the main character in the documentary Sisters. In 2003, Zhang Hua started her own documentary creation, shooting Kuang Dan's Secret, Road to Heaven and other documentary works. Kuang Dan's Secret won the 2004 CCTV "Our Video Story" Jury Award , Road to Heaven won the 2006 Leipzig Film Festival documentary award.
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