China Story: Best Documentary Series Award


From Chung Kuo to China

Director: Zhu Yun/
Producer:Beijing SDT Media Co.,Ltd
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
In the 1970s, four great documentary directors from four different countries such as Italy, France, the United States, and Japan,came to China and used their lens to observe and record very aspect of China.Today, four international friends from the same four countries came to China again, found those ordinary figures in the movies, they observed, they recorded, they trace out how China changed in past 40 years and showed this procedure to us.The switch between new and old pictures naturally reveals the power of the times. Huge changes, in this seemingly inadvertent and ingenious transformation, make people feel and think deeply.
Film Creator
Zhu Yun, director-in-Chief of 5-episode documentary (From Chung Kuo to China); Deputy Creative Director of STD Media, Beijing. Graduated from Communication University of China. Having worked with several platforms like CCTV,BBC, RAI, and Tencent etc, She has directed/participated in over 2,000 minutes of documentaries in her 6 years of career as a director. Acted as executive Director of (My Legend and I),(The Football Roadmap) ect.
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