Inner Me

Director: Spano Antonio/
Producer:Office Number Four
Country / Region:Italy
Film Introduction
Inner Me is a short documentary that intimately portrays the struggles of 4 deaf women in the city of Butembo, in North Kivu, DR Congo, a country defined by war. In Congo women’s voices are rarely heard. Victims of a systemic rape culture, women often experience oppression, discrimination and abuse.
Film Creator
Spano Antonio currently works as a freelance camera operator and has traveled to Afghanistan, Libya and Haiti working for TV productions (RAI, MTV), reportages and film productions. His first experience as an independent filmmaker was in Kurdistan, Iraq when he was 22 years old. His previous films The Silent Chaos and Animal Park both set in Congo, won many awards in 2013-2014. Both films are a Journeyman Pictures exclusive international distribution and have been broadcasted in many countries around the world.
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