Director: Zhang Tongdao/
Producer:CCTV-9 Documentary Channel
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
In 2006, the shooting crew began tracking and recording more than a dozen children in a kindergarten, and the record lasted for ten years. Children entered into kindergarten then to elementary school and middle school. As Ten years have passed, time has changed their appearance, giving them independent thought and autonomous action. How will they break the confusion of youth? How will they choose their future life? This is the only documentary in China that records children growing for an extended period of time. What effects will parents, society and schools have on the growth of children? The ten years of growth highlights the power of time.
Film Creator
Zhang Tongdao is the director of the Documentary Center of Beijing Normal University, a professor at the School of Arts and Media, and the chairman of the Film and Television Education Committee of the China Higher Education Association. He has served as a judge of film and television festivals such as the Shanghai TV Festival, the Qatar Peninsula International Documentary Festival, and the Banff International Television Festival in Canada. He has presided over more than ten projects of national art studies and the Ministry of Education, and 16 horizontal projects such as CCTV and Beijing Television. Since 2009, he has presided over the annual release of the Blue Book of Chinese Documentaries "Research Report on the Development of Chinese Documentaries". His major works include the documentary film Kids Kingdom, the series Secrets of Kids Kingdom, and Les Histoires du jardin Bussière.
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