• Having fled from Syria two doctors and their kids get separated. The kids bravely live on their own in Turkey, while their parents make it to Canada and Denmark. Now they’re stuck in a Kafkaesque system that reduces their family life to Skype calls. Will they manage to reunite?
  • Deep in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, in one of the most conflictive and violent places in the world, is the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Sanctuary. There, Mama Zawadi and her baby chimpanzees find the only place in the world where unconditional love can heal the wounds of war and save them from extinction.
  • From the Namib Desert to Patagonia, only a handful of places on Earth can claim to be largely unchanged. Positioned at the ends of the Earth, their remoteness and hostile climates have protected them from the most damaging effects of human interference. In these lands, life still exists as nature intended. They are delicately balanced, species-rich, unique ecosystems. This series embarks on a breathtaking journey, showcasing these incredible landscapes. Using the latest technology, it reveals new and thrilling behaviour from the world’s most iconic animals.
  • Silence of the Tides is a cinematic tribute to the Wadden Sea, the world's largest, and most varied, uninterrupted inter tidal area, extending along the coasts of The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The film plays witness to the rough, yet fragile relationship between man and nature as it pulsates with the inhaling and exhaling of the tides. It's a hypnotizing large screen look into the cycles and contrasts of the seasons: life and death, storm and silence, the masses and the individual. All set against a larger than life backdrop of sky, water, wind, mist and constantly changing light. With his observational style and eye for detail, Director Pieter-Rim de Kroon presents the Wadden region as one massive, living breathing organism, where all the elements interlock, influenced by the position of the Moon and Sun, and the magical energy from the Cosmos.
  • In a cluttered news landscape dominated by men, emerges India's only newspaper run by Dalit women. Armed with smartphones, Chief Reporter Meera and her journalists break traditions, be it on the frontlines of India's biggest issues or within the confines of their homes, redefining what it means to be powerful.
  • Simba, a nine -year-old Chinese boy, dreams of seeing polar bears, penguins, and snow leopards every day. And his wild father who dares to think and do anything also hopes his son to read ten thousand books as well as to travel thousands of miles. Therefore, this ordinary Chinese family has overcome all difficulties and reached the Arctic and the Antarctic by way of 20 countries . In 2020, Simba and his father took a long journey to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to climb snow mountains and raft through turbulent rivers with laughter and tears. For this documentary film, it took Simba’s father eight years to record what they have experienced together, including the most beautiful scenery in the world, the most interesting animals, and the tough challenges in the most extreme outdoor environment. The film also records Simba's educational experience of growing from a toddler to a brave, strong boy who shares love and shows respect to nature.
  • Anchored by a man whose quest humanizes global changes, this film traces the historical events and present situation of nuclear disaster across human society. Every nuclear site he revisits represents a specific temporality - Fukushima, Japan, as the ongoing present; Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, as the concealed past; Chernobyl, Ukraine, as the forever alienated present, and Onkalo, Finland, as the future of the future. The narrative created through deconstruction and reconstruction of histories provides a new space to reflect on nuclear issues. In this space, a panorama of global apocalyptic landscapes after nuclear disaster as well as the daily lives of humans on these land is brought to life. The film, visually futuristic yet close to cyberpunk science fiction, seeks to create a human allegory in the present.
  • In the past few decades, the world has been amazed by the rapid development of China. The two-time Academy Award-winning British director Malcolm Clarke chose to tell personal stories of individual awakenings; throwing a light on their challenging journey towards a better future. The protagonists of this film are the witnesses and creators of the story of China's transformation. They are confident, determined, and kind-hearted. Their wisdom, industriousness and struggles allow them to not only change their own destinies, but also add to vigor and vitality to China’s development.
  • Yunnan Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture is one of the three poorest regions and three prefectures in China. Shawa Village, Pihe Nu Township, Fugong County, is located in the deep mountain village of Biluo Snow Mountain and because there is no access road, more than 800 villagers still follow traditional production. Lifestyle, per capita annual income is less than 3,000 yuan. This film tells the history of changes in the fate of the Shawanu village. The whole film focuses on poor people and helpers. It shows how the local government and the people face poverty and change the destiny of the village in this era of poverty reduction in China.
  • In April 2021, an Asian elephant herd in Yunnan, China moved north from the original habitat Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, which attracted much attention. The protection by the government, people and academia as well as the harmonious coexistence became hot topics, and various opinions emerged. To seek the truth, the crew rushed tothe front line, cooperated with the headquarters, made "close" contact with the elephants, discussed the reasons of movement, behavior traces, living environment, human-elephant relations and to trigger the public reflection in the "stream age".
  • Level-1 is a series documentary, produced by Shanghai Media Group(SMG) and Hubei Media Group(HMG). The whole story is divided into 5 episodes, each one is about 50 minutes. Level-1 recorded the whole process of anti-COVID-19 pandemic war in Wuhan and Hubei. In the documentary, most shots are the firsthand data. Those shots recorded the slightest glimmer of hope and how brave residents fought in Wuhan. Today, the war between mankind and COVID-19 is far from over. “Isolation” is not the ultimate antidote for viruses. What is it? Just as scientists try to trace the source of the virus and seek answers; The documentary Level-1 also tries to trace back to human nature and seek answers. The lens aims at the foundamental of human emotion: Love and Fear.
  • 71 years ago, those soldiers who were as young as flowers went to the battlefield of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea. Some came back, while others stayed on that land forever. 1950 they are young focuses on ordinary young people who participated in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea 71 years ago from a new perspective. Through the live narration of veterans of different services and different periods, they present their once passionate youth and dreams in plain and subtle words, restore the most real battlefield, and bring touching inner shock and resonance to contemporary young people.
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