Jury Chairman

Ying Qiming

Art Director, Shanghai Media Group Documentary Channel

Ying Qiming, Senior Editor, born in 1954. He joined Shanghai Broadcasting Network in 1986, mainly engaging in producing documentaries. His representative works include Mao Zedong in Shaanbei and Long March - The Century Monument. He worked as Director, Producer, Deputy Director of the Social Education Overseas Center, and Chief Planner of Dragon TV. Since 2004, he has served as Chief Editor and Director of Shanghai Media Group Documentary Channel and has participated in the planning and production of documentaries such as The Bund, The Great Revolution of 1911, Can Education Change, The Ideal Shines in China and Four Chapters of Kashgar, winning hundreds of domestic and international awards and leading the team to make the channel a cultural landmark. He was awarded “ Shanghai May-First Labour Medal”,“Yangtze Taofen Award”,“China Academy Awards of Documentary Film ” , “ Special Contribution Award ” at the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. He is currently the Art Director of Shanghai Media Group Documentary Channel and serves as a judge for international and national documentary festivals.
    Kevin Macdonald

    British Director, Scriptwriter, Producer

    Liang Bibo

    Documentary director

    Marco Alessi

    Producer, Dugong Films Founder

    Mark Jonathan Harris

    Documentary Filmmaker & Distinguished Professor