• Leading towards a teenage life, a group of Uighur elementary students, being both the pride and the headache of their teachers, started their last soccer season. The story focused on a forward, a back, and a goalkeeper of this soccer team, portraying their ups on the field and downs in real life. Their initial success in school games and the city tournament boosted their ambition of a professional career. What awaited them in the all Xinjiang tournament, however, was a lesson that went beyond their imagination.
  • Lao Li, an ordinary worker in Beijing. After his retirement, he bade farewell to his children and went to a village in Hebei province, lived alone in a dilapidated old house, blending into rural life. 25 years have passed, Lao Li  is older, his children persuaded him to return to Beijing, the old house was also about to be sold. The deadline is coming, he is not willing to leave, because of a hidden commitment in the bottom of his heart.
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