“GZDOC DOCSHOP”Copyright cooperation platform

GZDOC DOCSHOP is a year-round factual content marketplace for producers, distributors, content buyers and commissioners. The DOCSHOP library includes the GZDOC official selections, as well as the festival’s curated playlists of documentary titles from the past decade.

GZDOC DOCSHOP is dedicated to discovering and promoting premium China and International documentaries.

The DOCSHOP consists of three parts: 

(i) On-demand screening system 

The DOCSHOP will set aside a screening area at the GZDOC venue. Participants will watch the films submitted to DOCSHOP through the on-demand screening system. Screening reports will then be generated, recording the viewers’ purchasing interests. GZDOC staff will process these requests after the festival. 

If necessary, the DOCSHOP will also set up an online on-demand screening system on official website( The online on-demand system will be only available for registered guest, and only release film trailers.

(ii) Daily operation 

The GZDOC DOCSHOP will keep recommending films to various platforms in a bid to facilitate trades throughout the year. 

(iii) Industry Screenings

Industry Screenings are film screenings at the GZDOC venue for registered delegates and industry professionals. On the spot publicity could be arranged, in a bid to promote the films.