Golden Kapok Award Trophy designed and sculptured by Xu Hongfei, the famous sculptor and President of Guangzhou Sculpture Academy

Xu Hongfei with Golden Kapok Award Trophy

Kapok is the official flower of Guangzhou. Bright red but not coquettish in blossom, Kapok tree always stands uprightly. So red and vigorous the flower is, like the hero of indomitable spirit. The color of the flowers is so red as if the treetop was dyed by the blood of a hero.

Golden Kapok Award was established as a section of the GZDOC in 2012. Since then, in December every year, GZDOC has been always as vigorous as the blooming Kapok – fire-red, dazzling and bright.

The Golden Kapok Award Trophy designed by Xu Hongfei, aesthetically, highlights the vitality and energy of GZDOC through the image that a graceful maiden holds a gorgeous Kapok flower.

Technically the original incision and texture were preserved intentionally to present the Cantonese culture and the modest and unpretending nature of documentary films which are symbolized by Kapok.

Xu Hongfei with Golden Kapok Award Trophy

The Artistic World of Xu Hongfei

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