UN 2030 Agenda Documentary Campaign Global Initiative

In the fight against the global pandemic, we have realized more than ever that the world is one community and only by working together we may face the many challenges ahead. Yet the virus’ disruption to our daily life and status quo of our society offer an opportunity to reflect on some of the fundamental beliefs, values and actions we have held for too long and look into the future. 

GZDOC would like to initiate a program to utilize the power of documentaries to promote awareness of sustainable development issues. This year we plan to focus on good health, poverty, and life on planet to organize public screenings, education program and forums in December. We would like to adopt the UN Agenda 2030 as a framework and launch a five-year program to promote awareness, discussion on issues that are critical to our future. UN 2030 Agenda is a set of 17 sustainable development goals including no poverty, quality education, good health and gender equality adopted by all UN Member States in 2015. We have ten years to act and contribute to the goal of prosperity, good environment and healthy life.