GZDOC 2018 Golden Kapok Screening Highlights

The Golden Kapok Screening has become a signature event during the annual GZDOC. We also organize charity screening, themed screening and campus screening all year round. During the festival each year, the organization committee selects a bunch of premium quality documentaries from Golden Kapok entry movies and hold a dozen of screenings for the public. Directors and producers will also be invited to Guangzhou and share their filmmaking experience with the audiences. Throughout the year, Charity Screenings, Themed Screenings, and Campus Screenings are held at different venues, such as Guangzhou local theaters,universities around the country, local community centers, art galleries etc. By showcasing high-end domestic and international documentaries, GZDOC aims at providing cultural feasts for common Chinese to experience the charm and beauty of documentaries.

2018 Highlight

This year, the Golden Kapok Screening will promote the ‘Premieres’ for documentary industry. With a large population of documentary audiences in Guangzhou, Golden Kapok Premiere Event could help filmmakers directly interact with the Chinese audiences, achieve the most extensive media coverage and gain a shortcut to China’s growing documentary market. Filmmakers could reward themselves with a glamorous premiere event and take advantage of the festival’s massive media resources and various screening venues.

The Golden Kapok Screening is now open for entries. The submission deadline is 31th August 2018. Click here to submit your film.

To learn more about the Golden Kapok Screenings, click here.