People's Daily: Guangzhou Heading to Be a "Documentary City" in China
Guangzhou, June 19(People’s Daily)Officially launched by Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival,China(GZDOC) in 2014, the Golden Kapok Documentary Gallery has cultivated a favorable screening atmosphere in Guangzhou through 3-year continuous documentary screening, which has been a popular spot in offline and online worlds. It isshown by IQIYI that audience in Guangzhou has reached the longest watching time in China, prevailing others in Beijing and Shanghai.   In the last 3 years, GZDOC has selected outstanding documentaries from home and abroad to carry out the free public screening activity in Guangzhou Library and universities every weekend, which gradually began to extend to theatrical and online screenings. Until May 2017, it has screened 281 documentaries from over 30 countries including China,Germany, France, USA, etc., up to 1050 times in total, covering 20 cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, attracting over 500 thousand people to attend. “At the beginning of the Golden Kapok Screening in Guangzhou Library, though it was free of charge, only several people attended. It is said by our report that very few people have a good understanding towards documentaries, regardless of the profound cultural background Guangzhou holds”, said by ZHANG Li, Deputy Managing Director ofGlobal Raytur International Public Communication Organization, the operator of GZDOC. Nevertheless, the screening atmosphere has been much warmer. There were12 local cinemas, 5 art spaces and 5 universities who hosted 62 documentaries,up to 153 screening times and attracted 4800 people to attend the screening in 2016. “In particular, the tickets for national premiere of Masters in the Forbidden City in Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall was sold out no more than one half day since it’s released. Over a thousand people rushed to watch it.”   LU Zhiqiang, director of Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Guangzhou Municipality, claimed that Guangzhou, on a national scale, is making its way on establishing a “Documentary City” where documentaries are deeply favored andunderstood. The Golden Kapok Screening has begun to come in a more normalized and standard form, furthering to promote its brand and idea. The Campus Screening and Themed Screening have been successfully launched, which will cover 20 cities and 40 universities in mainland China in May and June, 2017.