GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Award Competition Semi-finalists Announced

The submission for the GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Award Competition officially closed on the 31st August. In total, there are 3441 entries (5386 episodes) from 130 countries and regions, which sets a new record.


Among all the countries and regions, Spain, the US, and France are the top three countries with the highest number of entries besides China. 1691 films are submitted from European filmmakers, while 1427 are from Asian countries.

Top Ten Countries with the Most Entries


Number of Entries by Continents


After four-month of intense selection, 199 films from 53 countries and regions entered into the semi-final round of the GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Award Competition. Below is the result of semi-finalists.


—— International Semi-Finalists ——

 Documentary Feature 

A Brand New World

Production Country: Czech

Director: Greta Stocklassa

Production Company: Veronika Kührová  | Michal Kráčmer | Analog Vision | FAMU | PFX



A House For You

Production Country: Iran

Director: Mahdi BakhshiMoqadam

Production Company: Mahdi Shamohamadi |Documentary Film Center of Soureh Cinema Org |Iran


A Thousand Girls Like Me

Production Country: Afghanistan

Director: Sahra Mani

Production Company: Afghanistan DocHouse


Another Paradise

Production Country: Belgium

Director: Olivier Magis

Production Company: Hanne Phlypo



Production Country: Swiss

Director: Pablo Briones | The Moving Picture Boys

Production Company: Pablo Briones | The Moving Picture Boys



Production Country: Netherlands

Director: Joost Vandebrug

Production Company: GRAIN MEDIA



Production Country: Netherlands

Director: Heddy Honigmann

Production Company: Appel&Honigmann


Call Me Intern

Production Country: Switzerland | New Zealand

Director: Nathalie Berger | Leo David Hyde

Production Company: Leo David Hyde |Nathalie Berger


Citizen Rosi

Production Country: Italy

Director: Didi Gnocchi | Carolina Rosi

Production Company: 3D Produzioni, Italy | Andiamo Avanti Production, Italy


Compulsory Figures

Production Country: Poland

Director: EwaKochańska

Production Company: Magdalena Borowiec |Tatiana Matysiak | Daria Zienowicz


Dying For Gold

Production Country:South Africa

Director: Richard Pakleppa

Production Company:Breathe Films


Family in Transition

Production Company:Israel

Director: OfirTrainin

Production Company:OfirTrainin |Tal Barda



Production Country: Brazil





Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: NazihaArebi

Production Company: SDI Productions Ltd |HuNa Productions



Production Country:Australia

Director: Maya Newell

Production Company: Marla House



Production Country: Ireland

Director: Garry Keane | Andrew McConnell

Production Company: Filmoption International | Real Films | Fine Point Films |GebruederBeetzFilmproduktion


Ghost Fleet

Production Country: Thailand

Director: Shannon Service | Jeffrey Waldron

Production Company: Vulcan Productions | Seahorse Productions



Production Country: Finland

Director: ReettaHuhtanen

Production Company: Zone2 Pictures | Clin d'oeil Films |Tondowski Films



Production Country: Macedonia

Director: Tamara Kotevska |LjuboStefanov

Production Company: Trice Films | KJ Films LLC


Hope Frozen

Production Country:Thailand

Director: Pailin Wedel

Production Company: 2050 Productions Co., Ltd


Human Nature

Production Country:United States

Director: Adam Bolt

Production Company: Wonder Collaborative |News & Guts Films |Sandbox Films


In My Blood It Runs

Production Country:Australia

Director: Maya Newell

Production Company: Closer Productions


Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes

Production Country: United States

Director: DAVID HAY

Production Company: KYLE MURDOC


Kabul, City in the Wind

Production Country:Netherlands

Director: AboozarAmini

Production Company: Silk Road Film Salon


Kentannos. May you live to be 100!

Production Country:Argentina

Director: Victor Cruz

Production Company: 16M | Kino Produzioni


King Bibi

Production Country:Israel

Director: Dan Shadur

Production Company: LiranAtzmor


Las Hermanas De Rocinante

Production Country: Germany

Director: Alexander Kaufmann

Production Company: Independent Production



Leftover Women

Production Country: Israel

Director: ShoshShlam |HillaMedalia

Production Company: Medalia Productions



Production Country: Chile

Director: Bettina Perut | Iván Osnovikoff

Production Company: Perut + Osnovikoff | Dirk Manthey Film


M for Malaysia

Production Country: Malaysia

Director: InezaRoussille | Dian Lee

Production Company: Project M Media


Made In Boise

Production Country: USA

Director: Beth Aala

Production Company: Pinay Pictures Inc | Hazel Pictures LLC



Production Country: New Zealand

Director: HeperiMita

Production Company: Ārama Pictures (Chelsea Winstanley) | Array (Ava DuVernay)



Production Country: Mexico

Director: Luke Lorentzen

Production Company: Family Ambulance Film


nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

Production Country: Canada

Director: Tasha Hubbard

Production Company: Tasha Hubbard |Jon Montes |George Hupka


Of Animals And Men

Production Country: Poland

Director: ŁukaszCzajka

Production Company: Autograf


On The President's Orders

Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: James Jones |Olivier Sarbil

Production Company: Mongoose Pictures


Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery

Production Country: South Africa

Director: Charlie Luckock

Production Company: Wild Oceans



Production Country: United States

Director: Ivete Lucas | Patrick Bresnan

Production Company: Otis Lucas Films


Pariah Dog

Production Country: United States

Director: Jesse Alk

Production Company: Pagol Productions


President Moo hyun-Roh and fools

Production Country: Korea

Director: Jae hee-Kim

Production Company: Fools



Production Country: Sweden

Director: Fredrik Gertten

Production Company: WG Film | Cave7


Q's Barbershop

Production Country: Denmark

Director: Emil Langballe

Production Company: Made in Copenhagen


Riders of Destiny

Production Country: Indonesia

Director: Michael Niermann

Production Company: Ansgar Pohle


River Silence

Production Country: Canada

Director: Rogério Soares

Production Company: Annette Clarke |Bob Moore


Roll Red Roll

Production Country: United States

Director: Nancy Schwartzman

Production Company: Sunset Park Pictures


Senior Moments

Production Country: Israel

Director: Tamar Kay |YairAgmon

Production Company: KobiAzran


Sheep Hero

Production Country: Netherlands

Director: Ton van Zantvoort

Production Company: NEWTON film |seriousFilm


Shooting the Mafia

Production Country: Ireland

Director: Kim Longinotto

Production Company: Lunar Pictures


Talking About Trees

Production Country:France

Director: SuhaibGasmelbari Mustafa

Production Company: AGAT FILMS & CIE | EX NIHILO



Production Country: Norway

Director: Karl Emil Rikardsen

Production Company: Relation04 Media |Pomor Film



Production Country: Italy

Director: Beniamino Barrese

Production Company: Nanof Productions


The Journey of the Others

Production Country: Chile

Director: Jaime Villarreal Izquierdo

Production Company: Alto Andes Producciones |Pousa



Production Country: Netherlands

Director: Floor van der Meulen

Production Company: Een van de jongens | Cassette for Timescapes | Magellan Films



Production Country: Norway

Director: Petter Sommer

Production Company: Fuglene AS


The Moon and Beyond

Production Country: United States

Director: Yan Zixin (Singapore), He Xianni (Singapore)

Production Company: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd


The Museum of Forgotten Triumphs

Production Country: Bosnia

Director: BojanBodruzic

Production Company: BojanBodruzic | Igor Drljaca


The Remnants

Production Country: Italy

Director: Paolo Barberi |Riccardo Russo

Production Company: Federico Schiavi |TizianaSoudani |Vittoria Fiumi


The Sign for Love

Production Country: Israel

Director: Elad Cohen | Iris Ben Moshe

Production Company: Nati Adler



Production Country: Korea

Director: Hye-Ryoung PARK

Production Company: Hayanso Entertainment


The Wind Sculpted Land

Production Country: Estonia

Director: JoosepMatjus

Production Company: RihoVästrik |KatriRannastu | Atte Henriksson



Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: Kim Hopkins

Production Company: Labor of Love Films | Defining Entertainment



Production Country: Switzerland

Director: Jacqueline Zünd

Production Company: Real Film GmbH


Women's Day

Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: DolyaGavanski

Production Company: DolyaGavanski |MartichkaBozhilova | Tanja Georgieva


 Documentary Short  

Ballet & Bullets: Dancing Out of the Favela

Production Country: Brazil

Director: Frederick Bernas | Rayan Hindi

Production Company: Grant Armour



Production Country: Spain

Director: AnerEtxebarria Moral | Pablo Vidal Santos

Production Company: Lara IzagirreGarizurieta


Born in America

Production Country:United States

Director: Zhan Luo

Production Company: Yiping Zhu



Production Country: Australia

Director: Chris Eyre-Walker

Independent production



Production Country: Spain

Director: Alfonso O Donnell Gonzalez de Castejon

Production Company: 2brothers productions, SL, Spain


Happy Today

Production Country: Uganda

Director: Giulio Tonincelli

Production Company: Luca Cabriolu


How to Make a Rainbow

Production Country: United States

Director: Ryan Maxey | Maxey Fish

Production Company: Independent Production


I want To Go To School

Production Country: Malaysia

Director: Putri PurnamaSugua

Production Company: Nathan Tharmalingam


In The Middle

Production Country: Yemen

Director: Mariam Al-Dhubhani

Production Company: Mohammed Al-Jaberi | Noor Abunabaa


My beautiful city

Director: Iran

Director: Elham Aghlari

Production Company: Ata panahi |documentary House of iran



Production Country: Peru

Director:Simon Tibo

Production Company: Independent Production


Reflecting Ice

Production Country: Finland

Director: Nina Forsman

Production Company: Wacky Tie Films


Seeds of Deceit

Production Country: Netherlands

Director: Miriam Guttmann

Production Company: Film Academy Netherlands


Slow Burn

Production Country: Spain

Director: Miguel Sánchez García

Production Company: Había una Vez Films, Spain


Still Flying...

Production Country: Poland

Director: MiroslawDembinski

Production Company: Film Studio | EverestPolish Television


Sub Terrae

Production Country: Spain

Director: Nayra Sanz Fuentes

Production Company: José Luis Sanz de Garnica | Javier Sanz Fuentes




Production Country: Russia


Production Company: Independent Production


The Brazilian Nut

Production Country: Brazil

Director: Simone Giovine

Production Company: Associação Floresta Protegida



Production Country: Argentina

Director: Mario TurkhyFunes

Production Company: Mario TurkhyFunes


The Man Who 'Speaks' Nature

Production Country: India

Director: Kakati

Production Company: Independent Production


The Promise

Production Country: Spain

Director: Danel AserLorenteTellaetxe

Production Company: Danel Aser


The Secret of the Aural Drums

Production Country:Austria


Production Company: SUN MEDIA & BACHKÖNIG FILM



Production Country: Turkey

Director: Mariam El Marakeshy

Production Company: Mariam El Marakeshy



Production Country: Australia

Director: Paul Nevison

Independent production


Zulu Rema has learned to fly

Production Country: Tunisia

Director: Gaia Vianello

Production Company: Giacomo Benini


 Documentary Series 


Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: Michael Gunton (Executive Producer)

Production Company: BBC Studios Natural History Unit


Earth from Space

Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: Barny Revill

Production Company: BBC Studios


Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane

Production Country: Australia

Director: Ben Lawerence

Production Company: Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Route Awakening S3

Production Country: United States

Director:Zeng Xuejie

Production Company: National Geographic


Savage Kingdom

Production Country: United States


Production Company: National Geographic



Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: John Downer

Production Company: XIX Entertainment and BBC Studios


The Planets

Production Country: United Kingdom

Director: Andrew Cohen (Executive Producer)

Production Company: BBC Studios | NOVA and WGBH Boston for BBC | PBS | Tencent Penguin Pictures


The Very Edge of China

Production Country: United States

Director: Mitchell Farkas

Production Company: Discovery Networks Asia Pacific Pte Ltd | Wuzhou Communication Center


—— Domestic Semi-Finalists ——

 Documentary Feature 

Back to the Hakkas’earthen buildings

Director: Yu Feng | Zhong Yan | Liu Yusha

Production Company: Meizhou Radio and Television Station, Foshan Heguang Film and Television Culture and Art Co., Ltd.


BEAUTY of China

Director: Jin Ying

Production Company: YunJi Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



Director: Ding Cheng

Production Company: Mountain Island Sea Guangzhou Cultural Development Co., Ltd.


Born in 2000

Director: Zhang TongDao

Production Company: Beijing Tongdao Real-Culture-Media Co.,Ltd


Cao vit gibbon's ark

Director: Ding Quan

Production Country:Binfen Natural (BeiJing) Culture Media Co., Ltd | GuangXi network Broadcast Television


Changing China

Director: Cheng Gong | Zhang WeiYan | Wang Xiaofeng

Production Company: Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group | Wuzhou Communication Center | Foshan Culture Development Investment Management Co., Ltd., | Shenzhen Dingfeng Times Film Co., Ltd., | China International Television Corporation, China Radio, Film and Television Program Trading Center | Xi'an Yunshidian Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.


Confucian Dream

Director: Mijie Li

Production Company: Soul Wish Films | Fish+Bears Pictures


Cross Water - the internet of nature

Director: Yu Qian




Daughter of Shanghai

Director:  Michelle Chen Miao | HillaMedalia

Production Company: SHANGHAI SMG Pictures Co., Ltd. | SHANGHAI SEEDLING FILM INC.


Dawn Begins at Noon

Director: Gao Jun

Production Company: Wen video (Beijing) media entertainment co. LTD


First Man

Director: Frederic Fuya

Production Company: CCTV9 China Media Group | M6 | ZDF | Discovery Canada | Nilaya | Boréales


Hello Beijing

Director: JanYing Wan

Production Company: UNI Pictures Culture and Media (Beijing) co.,ltd



Director: Ning sun

Production Company: Henan Broadcasting System | Beijing ZhongyiLiangpin Cultural Media Co.,Ltd | Sanmenxia Broadcasting System | Henan LOPO Cultural Media Co.,Ltd


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Director: Yan Dong

Production Company: CCTV science and education channel


I am Not a Comfort Woman

Director: Dai Luning




Director: Jiao Bo

Production Company: Zunyi Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, JiaoboGuangying (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Life Is A Belief

Director: XIAO HAN

Production Company: Hangzhou Latent Image Cultural Co.,Ltd.


Light of Love

Director: Zhou Yuewen

Production Company: The Fairest Pictures


Like the Dyer's Hand

Director: Cheng, Tsun-Shing

Production Company: Flâneur Media Guangzhou Co., Ltd.


Looking For Crafts-2

Director: Zhang Jing

Production Company: Beijing Heji Brothers Culture Communication Co., Ltd


Meet HudecAgain

Director: XieShenzhao

Production Company: SMG Documentary Center, Real Media Limited


Mona Lisa Identity

Director: Jiang Hanqi | Yan Tianqi

Production Company: Phoenix Satellite TV Co., Ltd.


Our Time Machine

Director: Yang Sun | S.Leo Chiang

Production Company: Shanghai Flying House


Painted Love: Our Story

Director: Gao Xingzi

Production Company: China Central Television


Power of Wetlands

Director: Peng YInbin

Production Company: GZBN


Princess of the Beavers

Director: Zheng Mengmeng

Production Company: CGTN(China Global Television Network)


Qiang's Journey

Director: GAO Tunzi

Production Company:Emei Film Group Co., Ltd | Chengdu ShengshiWenjin CO., Ltd


Road of No Return

Director: Qu Jiangtao

Production Company: Beijing looked up to see Xi Culture Media Co., Ltd.


Running Enforcement

Director: Sheng Zhenhua, Qi Kening, Cao Jianbiao

Production Company: CCTV Social and Legal Channel



Director: Yan Zixin (Singapore)

Production Company: Phoenix Satellite TV Co., Ltd.


The  Birds

Director: Li Xiaojiang

Production Company: Shanghai Alibaba Film Co., Ltd.


The Arms of Seven Men

Director: JinHangzheng

Production Company: Huaying Culture Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hele is not a cultural media company



Director: Shang Changyi | Liu Xin

Production Company: Henan Film&TV Production | Xi'an Shijun Film Culture Co., Ltd. | Intercontinental Communication Center(CICC)


The Fading Village

Director: Liu FeiFang

Production Company: Shanghai Haojin Film Center


The River in Me

Director: KE Yongquan | YANG Zhichun | HE Yuan

Production Company: Lantern Film Ltd. | Emei Film Investment Co.,Ltd. | Insight Creation Co., Ltd. | CFORCE Pictures | MIGU Co.,Ltd | Thin Blue Line Productions | Beijing Skyfilm Ltd.


The Story of Time: China and Cambodia

Director: Wang Zuo

Production Company: Wuzhou Communication Center, Cambodian National Television


The Third Coal Mine

Director: Guo Dongsheng

Production Company: Central Radio and Television Station Record Channel | Yangquan Radio Station


What makes China great

Director: XuHuijing

Production Company: YG Entertainment, Beijing


Where Is My Flight Home

Director: Wang Lei

Production Company: Wanda Media Co. Ltd


 Documentary Short 

Mointal Ranger

Director: Ansiqi Li

Production Company: China Intercontinental Communication Center


Light House Memories: Green Island Light House


Production Company: City University of Hong Kong



Director: Zhou Wei

Production Company: CGTN English News Channel


Arcosanti: a State of Fugue

Director: FENG Kehui

Production Company: Youth Film Studio


Courier on the Cliff

Director: Lie Feng

Production Company: Lantern Hill Production


Exploring Wuyi Mountain

Director: Zhou Junxian

Production Company: Fujian Aoyou Culture Communication Co., Ltd.



Director: Guo Yifei

Production Company: Youth film studio


Mingming’s Mother

Director: Gan Chengyu

Production Company: Beijing Jingxing Oriental Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


My Youth My Song

Director: Gao Jun

Production Company: Beijing JXDF Media Co. Ltd.


Over the Skyline

Director: Liu Wei

Production Company: Alibaba Group



Director: WANG Chongxiao

Production Company: Hong Kong International New Media Group


The Glories of the Minya Konka

Director: Dong Lei

Production Company: Swild


The Sailing Family

Director: Ariel Zhong

Production Company: JIEMIANShanghaiInternet Technologies Co.,Ltd.


The Teacher and I

Director: Cheung King Wai

Production Company: Hong Kong International New Media Group


Wakaliwood: The Cinematic Dream

Director: Bob Nyanja

Production Company: CGTN Africa


 Documentary Series 

200 Years of Surgery

Director: Chen Zikai

Production Company: CCTV Record Channel


24 Hours in the City

Director: Zhang Xu

Production Company: CCTV Record Channel


A Harmony Life in Heilongjiang

Director: Hu Feng | Yu ZhiZhuan

Production Company: Beijing YigouXinqiao International Cultural Media Co., Ltd.


Aerial China·Season II

Director: Guo ying

Production Company: CCTV Record Channel


Big Data Era

Director: Liu Hongyan, Teng Zhongbin, Xu Wei

Production Company: CCTV Record Channel


Born With Nothing

Director: Zhang Shuai

Production Company: Ruibosi (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd.



Director: Hua Yue | Hou Yajun | Liang Yi | Wang Tonggen | Dong Zhan | Wang Shuiwen | Liu Yang

Production Company: China Media Group Society and Law Channel


Fly to the Moon

Director: Wang Lihuan

Production Company: CCTV Science and Education Channel


From Chung Kuo to China

Director: Zhu Yun

Production Company: Beijing Sanduotang Media Co., Ltd.


Giving Cycle

Director: Zhang Weiwei

Production Company: Vision Times (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd.



Director: Lin Panshu | Shen Shiping

Production Company: YUNJI Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



Director: Xiaoqing Wang

Production Company: CCTV


How China Works

Director: JatupornAthasopa (Singapore)

Production Company: Wuzhou Communication Center, Discovery


Life Matters

Director: Qin Bo | Fan Shiguang | XieShuhao | Li Wen | Ding Can

SMG News Center


Light of Asian civilization

Director: He Yali | Pan Yujia | Qian Xixi

Production Company: Central Radio and Television Statio


Marquis of Haihun

Director: Zhangli | Jinbei

Production Company: CCTV Record Channel



Director: Chen Yijia

Production Company: AI SAN CHENG (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., OX3 TV Prodution, LLC


Power of Wetlands

Director: Peng YInbin

Production Company: GZBN


Salt for Life

Director: Zhang Xiaoying

Production Company: CCTV Record Channel


Tale of Chinese Medicine 2

Director: Shaohua Qi

Production Company: Shanghai Mediadoing Co., Ltd | Insight Creation Co., Ltd | Huarong Dao Culture Media Co., Ltd


TAOBAO Village

Director: Jiao Bo, Gao Wei, Li Yahui

Production Company: Wen video (Beijing) Media Entertainment Co., Ltd.


The First Bite

Director: Li Lin

Production Company: Guangzhou Radio and Television Station


The First Secretary of a Village

Director: Wang Haibing

Production Company: Sichuan Radio and Television Station


The Last Ward

Director: Wu Haiying

Production Company: YU JI Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


The path to Prosperity

Director: Ji Ti

Production Company: CCTV


The Three Kingdoms

Director: DuanJinchuan, Jiang Wei

Production Company: Sichuan Radio and Television Station


Yi Dao Wu Jie

Director: Ji Ti

Production Company: CCTV Chinese International Channel


 New Media Documentary

40 Years of Reform and Opening-up

Director: Song Xinyi | Lin Biao | Shan Dandan | Gao Yuan | Zhang Ying | Zhang Chen | Zheng Shicheng | Li Zhaodi

Production Company: CCTV Audiovisual New Media Center


72 Hours  

Director: Guo Jing | Liu Yue | Pastoral

Production Company: Shanghai Radio and Television Documentary Center


Breakfast Infast

Director: Wang Shengzhi

Production Company: Channel Satellite TV, Tencent Video


Brothers of China's National Skateboarding Team

Director: Zhong Wenxin

Production Company: JIEMIAN News Arrow Factory Video


Childhood Elsewhere

Director: Zhou Yijun

Production Company: YouKu Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Y61), so the studio


Five hundred yuan of happiness

Director: Liu Yizhen

Production Company: Radiation Film and Television Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Broad Entertainment Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hao Technology Co., Ltd.


Flavorful Origins: Chaoshan Cuisine

Director: Hu Zhitang

Production Company: Tencent Video, Beijing Ina Media Co., Ltd.


Glimpses of China

Director: Wu Xiaobin | Wang Xiaomeng | Meng Xialan | Zhou Lifen | Zhang PengZhao Xiangchao

Production Company: CCTV Integrated Channel


Great Dancer

Director: Zhou Yizhe

Production Company: Hangzhou Ergen Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Just Street Dance

Director: Sun Yu

Production Company: YI SHENG YI SE (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Legend of Fruit

Director: Su Lei, Zeng Xin

Production Company: Discovery Networks Asia Pacific Pte Ltd | Wuzhou Communication Center


On the Very Edge of China

Director: Hu Tingting

Production Company: Discovery Networks Asia Pacific Pte Ltd |Wuzhou Communication Center



Once Upon a Bite

Director: Chen Xiaoqing

Production Company: Tencent Video | Beijing Ina Media Co., Ltd. | Pengu Film


Our plant life: science, art and love

Director: Katie Mi

Production Company: CGTN Digital


Ru Fu Ru Zi

Director: Li Ruoqi

Production Company: Hangzhou Ergen Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Something About Life

Director: Li Wen | Fan Shiguang | XieYihao

Production Company: Shanghai Radio and Television Station Documentary Channel, SMG Documentary Center


The Eve of Tomorrow

Director: Zhu Lingqing

Production Company: Tencent News | Good Rain | Time Studio | UK Grain Media


The exclusive memory of the 7th section of Shanghai Bund

Director: Guo Rongfei

Production Company: JIEMIAN News Arrow Factory Video


The Story of Chuaner season 2

Director: Chen Yingjie | Zhang Yueming | Jinyin | Zhao Huaiyan | Guo Hanyang | Lao Ma | Gu Zhuang | Liu Zhige

Production Company: Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co.,Ltd


Unraveling Bound Feet

Director: Billy Starman

Production Company: Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. | Alien Color (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Yi Zhi Gou De Deng Dai

Director: Zhang Shaohua

Production Company: Hangzhou Ergen Network Technology Co., Ltd.


The finalists of GZDOC 2019 Golden Kapok Award Competition will be announced in mid-November.