Sign up for the GZDOC Special Program: Experiencing Meizhou

GZDOC 2019 has officially launched a special program, Experiencing Meizhou, which will bring you to the city of Meizhou to experience the local culture.

Meizhou, located in eastern Guangdong Province, is at the junction of Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian Provinces. The city is known as the “Capital of Hakka in the World” and is home to millions of Hakka people. It is the city of tourism and Hakka culture, where you will see the typical Hakka residence Tound-Dragon House and experience the well-know Hakka cuisine such as Yong Tau Foo (Tofu) and Salt Baked Chicken.

Together with the Meizhou people’s government, we would like to invite you to join us for a visit to Meizhou and experience the unique Hakka culture. Besides the sight-seeing, the guests will meet with the local TV producers for cultural exchanges. The trip will be organized right after the GZDOC, from 13th to 15th December.

This is an exclusive programme to registered guests of GZDOC, and there are only limited seats for the trip. To register your place for this programme, we kindly ask you to RSVP at the earliest convenience.

Please send your request with the subject ‘Sign up for Experiencing Meizhou+Your Name’ via email to

Photo by Gisling on Wikipedia

Photo by Kirill Sharkovski on Unsplash

Photo by Zhong Yuzhou on Unsplash