Winners of ‘China Stories’ International Pitching Session | The 20th GZDOC

The 20th Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival,ChinaChina StoriesInternational Proposal Conference received 235 submissions from 37 countries/regions. After two rounds of selection, 22 projects successfully entered the final stage and were presented at the pitching session. This year, the pitching session strengthened industry cooperation. N Video sponsored the GZDOC × N Video Best Pitch and provided a support fund of RMB 50,000. Bilibili and Youku each set up their awards, offering a support fund of RMB 30,000. International institutions like Split Screen, Taskovski Films, Cat & Docs, Autlook also selected collaborative projects and provided long-term support.

After a 3-day presentation, more than 40 domestic and foreign decision-makers and partners jointly selected the Top Ten Pitches and other awards.

The list is as follows: