As Winter Goes By

Director: Kang Chengye/
Producer:Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. / Hainan Riyao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. / Qingdao Dafengzhulang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
In the spring of 2020 in China, Wuhan is at the center of the epidemic. The film focuses on people inside and outside the red zone of the hospital. "The desire to survive" is the theme of the film. Earlier, the stall owners, volunteers, and the white-clothed angels who were "fighting" in the hospital, each individual formed a "Wuhan" appearance. In this season of winter and spring, here is a city full of emergencies, full of thirst for survival, and still living like this.
Film Creator
Kang Chengye, engaged in documentary creation for five years. He graduated from Wuhan Media College of CCNU with a bachelor's degree in drama film and television director. After graduation, he joined the content production company “Cicada Modern Culture” of Youku Alibaba Entertainment and started his career as a documentary director. After one year's work, he was admitted to the director department of Beijing Film Academy for further study. Since then, he has been engaged in documentary creation till now.
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