Gyal Khashem

Director: Gyal Khashem/
Producer:Qinghai Osong Culture Media Co., Ltd
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
13-year-old Metok Karpo lives in a Tibetan boarding school for orphans. Her divorced parents are alive, but have left her to be raised by her maternal grandparents. Her mother remarries but the new husband passed away shortly afterwards. Despite all odds, Metok embarks on a journey to find her father in her native grassland. Discovering his happy life with a new family, she is troubled by complex feelings she can only express through her imaginative drawings. As new waves of dating on smart phones sweeping through the area, traditional life and nomadic family values start to collapse. In Tibet, divorce is becoming a social problem, affecting more and more families. The film documents this adolescent's quest for father and belonging, spotlighting a young girl living tenaciously in a society of radical transformation.
Film Creator
Gyal Khashem, from The Tibetan region of Ando, directed the short documentary “Valley of Heroes” in 2013. His film was shortlisted in the Jean Rush International Film Festival in France and participated in the Museum of Modern Art Contemporary Asian Film Festival and other film festivals. In 2017, his first feature-length documentary won the "Colorful Asia Award" at the Documentary Proposal Conference in Tokyo. He is a nominee for the 2018 Adeste Gold Medal. His short documentary, “Brave Girl”, won the Japanese ATP TV Awards in 2019.
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