Happy Stories of China – Ma Haoran & Li Yonggan

Director: LIN Ying/
Producer:Hainan TV
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
Ma Haoran & Li Yonggan is an episode of Happy Stories of China. Ma Haoran and Li Yonggan, 4 years of difference in age, 1300km apart. The two deaf-mute young man and woman met online after Ma saw Li’s live streaming and reached out. They hit it off quickly but distance imposes a challenge. Li is 4 years older than Ma, her parents don’t want their precious daughter to leave home and move to somewhere faraway, from Inner Mongolia in northern China to Liaoning Province in southeast part of the country. But nothing could get in the way of two young hearts deeply in love. Despite all kinds of hardship, finally the day arrives, their wedding day.
Film Creator
LIN Ying, director of grand event and documentary director, Executive Vice President of Hainan TV. LIN is well versed in TV content development, her recent work includes: Happy Stories of China, Speak to the World, Hainan Island Carnival New Year Countdown Live and other TV programs. With her works, LIN seeks to develop an emotional connection between her protagonists and viewers. To LIN, nothing is more fascinating and resonating than what happens to real people. Reality is the best and most vivid “history”. She believes in documentary making, what defines our times is the true story of real people.
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