Selling Garlic Story of Mai Xiaodeng

Director: Li Xinxin/
Producer:CMG Agriculture and Rural Affairs Programming Center
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
Wang Xiaonan, a post-95s girl who comes from Hua County, Anyang City, Henan Province, is known as "Mai Xiaodeng" online, implying abundant harvest. Over the past year, this countryside girl has shot more than 300 short videos to record her and her father's rural life, drawing more than 2 million followers. "Mai Xiaodeng" grew up in a single-parent family and was raised under the care of neighbours. In 2013, "Mai Xiaodeng's" family was identified as a poor family. Relatives chipped in 2,000 yuan on her college tuition, helping her realize the college dream. After graduation, "Mai Xiaodeng" has worked as editor, stall keeper, part-time teacher and food delivery courier. Taking advantage of her previous journalism major, "Mai Xiaodeng" began to shoot short videos to record daily life. In June this year, garlic planted in Niutun Town, Hua County City, Henan Province had no where to go. When the news reached "Mai Xiaodeng", she helped garlic farmers sell garlic through live streaming. On the day of the live streaming, Mai Xiaodeng sold out all 25,000 kilograms of garlic in 1.5-hour live broadcasting.
Film Creator
Li Xinxin, a post-85s Beijing Pinggu native. After graduating from the Journalism Department of Communication University of China, she has been engaged in TV for more than 13 years and has participated in the production of hundreds of news topics and documentaries. Though hasn't achieved numerous accomplishments, she keeps making progress along the way from a newbie to an experienced director. Directing is what she is passionate about. She is always on your side to listen and record your life stories.
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