The Journey of Chinese Plants

Director: Li Chengcai/Zhou Ye/
Producer:Beijing Mooze FILM & TV Media Co.,Ltd.
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
The Journey of Chinese Plants, a documentary series of 10 episodes, features the story of Chinese plants. Based on histories and advances of plant science, the series traces the spread of the native plants that were first developed in China, reveals the history and culture evoked by plant-human interaction,and highlights contributions of Chinese plants to the world. Following the spread footprints of Chinese plants, the production team will travel from China to the United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zea-land, Italy, Germany, Japan, etc. to present the wonders and magnificent beauty of plant world with scientific and aesthetic values. The production team aims to put hu-man and plant back to equal positions in the spectrum of life forms, portraying the power of plant with respect, and depicting the mutual dependency of human and plants.
Film Creator
Chief Director Li Chengcai, the founder of Li Chengcai Documentary Studio, the member of China Documentary Film Association, adjunct professor of colleges including Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Frame Business School, Peter F. Drucker Academy,Mr. Li has won various awards, including International Documentary Award, China Government Award, and Contribution Award to China Financial Enlightenment, etc. Major works: the Glory of Innovation; Money; Wall Street; the Rise of Great Powers; Ask the Water;and 20 Years, 20 People.
Ms. Zhou started her career from the Document, the CCTV news program, in 2004. She is chief director of A Hundred Years of Finance; executive chief director of the Glory of Innovation and Money; director of Ask the Water; director of Coordinates; director of the Other Side of the Sea, and Wall Street, etc.
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