The City Wall Is Falling Down

Director: Xu Bei/
Producer:Documentary Channel, CMG Film, Drama and Documentary Programming Center / Chongqing Broadcasting Group
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
The City Wall is Falling Down is focused on the significant events since Chongqing became a commercial port, theming the changes of urban space and functions and featuring the fates of big figures and nobodies on the timeline. Through illustrating how a city is formed in the historical background, it answers the question “Where are we from?” At the same time, audience draw inference of the arduous path from isolation to opening-up of China from one city. The sounds in the documentary, including 17 original songs, Chuanjiang haozi (dockers’ working songs), and monologues, shows the glamour of dialects in Chongqing. It complements lacks of historical images and videos by using “time-travel editing”. It creates a unique historical space for audience to experience the unchanged things in the evolution of a city. It demonstrates how the city comes from and ponder her present and future.
Film Creator
Xu Bei, documentary director and producer from China, whose works have won lots of national prizes and been screened on international festivals. Her main works include Going To Town, Behind the Frontline, The Story of Chen Xiaomei, etc. The 12-episode Behind the Frontline, which focuses on the stories of Sino-Japanese War from a different perspective, won a lot of prizes including Golden Kapok Award in 2015.
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