Together Against COVID-19

Director: Liu Meijia/
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
On the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century, a deadly virus, a pandemic unprecedented in a century, has brutally challenged the lives and health of all mankind. After eight months of hard work, the Chinese people have finally achieved major strategic results in the fight against COVID-19. The documentary One Heart to Fight against COVID-19 is a panoramic record of the magnificent and arduous fight against COVID-19. It shows the great courage of the Chinese people to rise up from hardships and fight hard. It also shows the true friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries to unite against COVID-19 and share a common destiny.
Film Creator
Liu Meijia, senior editor, execute producer of Law Online program on CMG's CCTV news channel.She has worked in the news industry for 24 years, dedicated to in-depth news features and documentaries, and has been awarded the China News Award for four times.Her documentary works include:Vanished Under the Sun, an archeology documentary about the ancient Tibetan Guge Kingdom.River Cemetery and Finding Wild Camels, archeology and adventure documentaries in Xinjiang.
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