Four Great Department Stores

Director: Zeng Jianping/
Producer:Zhongshan Broadcast and TV Station / Guangdong Sharp Sense Media
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
The Department Stores of Sincere, Wingon, Sun Sun and The Sun, which still stand on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, are known as the four great department stores. The four great department stores created a precedent in China's modern department store industry and left a colorful page in the history of China's commercial development.++This film seeks out the little-known historical details of the four great department stores from the multiple perspectives of history, culture, commerce, and ethnic relations, and unearths the vivid and touching truth, and strives to reflect the perseverance of the pioneers of department stores such as Ma Yingbiao, and "break through the thorns." The fighting spirit, the cooperation of "depending on adversity", the unity of "water and milk".
Film Creator
Zeng Jianping, Senior director,which has served as director of Documentary Studio in Guangdong Sharp Sense Media Co., Ltd. He has engaged in documentary creation since 2004, participated in the editing and directing of many works such as Overseas Zhongshanese, All Around the World-Overseas Chinese and the Revolution of 1911, Taste of Zhongshan, Stories in the Hospital, Manufacturing Times and so on.++In 2009, With Overseas Zhongshan People-The Sky of Peru he won the “Best Director Award" for Chinese Southern Documentary Film at the Guangzhou Documentary Conference in China.In 2014, he was awarded the title of "Top Ten Journalists"in Zhongshan City. In 2015, he was awarded the title of “Ten Outstanding Youth of ZhongShan".
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