For the Lovely China

Director: Geng Zhimin/Liu Bin/
Country / Region:China
Film Introduction
For Lovely China is a large-scale documentary film presented by the China Media Group to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the motherland. It consists of seven episodes: Before dawn, Homerun, Battle Hymn of the Army Reclamation, Westward Migration, A Place Far from the Motherland, A Decisive Victory over Poverty, and Me and My Motherland. This film seeks for a new breakthrough in image expression and narration voice, using a large number of narrations of the parties concerned and witnesses, and excavating and presenting valuable historical materials such as letters, diaries, documentary literature, etc., and completing the characterization image with details. The documentary shows the Chinese people's sense of family and country over the past 70 years, which is characterized by faith, perseverance, dedication and responsibility. The film received such a warm response that the topic "For lovely China" on Weibo became the most searched and recommended topic, with more than 260 million views as of October 9, 2019.
Film Creator
Geng Zhimin, Deputy Director of the News Review Department of China Central Radio and Television. Chief producer of documentary films such as Red Wanted Order, Don't Forget Your Original Heart, For the Lovely China.
Liu Bin, director and producer of the News Center of China Central Radio and Television. Chief director of documentary films such as Reform 2018, For the Lovely China, For the General Secretary's Entrustment.
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