Director: Stelios Moraitidis/
Producer:Stelios Moraitidis
Country / Region:Greece
Duration:12 min
Film Introduction
1978, on his birthday, Stavros was set to get engaged to Matula. Instead, he was forced to embark on his first big journey. 2020, on his birthday, Stavros wanders around the city alone. It is the day that he doesn’t like to talk. It is the day that he reflects on his past considering how things would have been if he had made other decisions.
Film Creator
Stelios Moraitidis was born in Athens, in 1990. He studied Film at the Paris 1 University of Sorbonne. He has taken part in the directing department of the feature film Interruption by Yorgos Zois, in the pre-production stage. In 2014, he directed his first short film, entitled Thafma (Miracle), a cinematic study of life in Athens, which participated in the competition section of the Balkans Beyond Borders festival. In 2016 he concluded the documentary Deconstructing Interruption, which presents the filming of Interruption from the point of view of the actors, and was screened at the 18th Documentary Film Festival of Thessaloniki. He is currently based in Athens, working as a freelance cinematographer and as an assistant for the DoP Yiannis Kanakis and at the same time developing his next fiction and documentary projects.
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