Pripyat Piano

Director: Eliska Cílková/
Producer:Gamma Pictures ltd. / FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Country / Region:Czech Republic / Ukraine
Duration:18 min
Film Introduction
26 April 1986: Chernobyl’s reactor 4 explodes and provokes the biggest nuclear disaster in history. Pripyat, where the plant is located, becomes a ghost town. Guided by former inhabitants, Eliška Cílková takes us on her quest of the town’s memory. Gracefully shot, the film reminds us of the power of music where it is least expected.
Film Creator
Eliska Cílková previously studied musical composition in Prague, Vienna and Columbia University New York and received several awards for her work. After finishing Film Accademy in Prague (FAMU) she made her short film debut Pripyat Piano - a film poem from Chernobyl Zone.
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